“Bring Back Fuel Subsidy”: Nigerians Reject Palliative, Advise Govt on How to Effectively Use Money

“Bring Back Fuel Subsidy”: Nigerians Reject Palliative, Advise Govt on How to Effectively Use Money

  • The governor of Ogun, Dapo Abiodun, has announced that his administration is working on giving palliative to residents of the state
  • However, Nigerians rejected the palliative but suggested other ways the government could make them happy
  • They want the government to create jobs and use the money for long-term investments

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Ogun state governor Dapo Abiodun recently announced a N5 billion intervention fund to cushion the effect of the rising cost of living and inflation in the state.

Nigerians Reject Palliative, Advise Govt on How to Effectively Use Money
Nigerians are not happy with Ogun government's decision to share palliative. Photo Credit: Ogun State
Source: UGC

He said this, among other special intervention programs, aims to ease residents' hardships.

But it appears Nigerians are not happy with the decision. Critics described the palliative as an avenue for some elite to “chop” the government money.

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Other stakeholders also demanded that the money should be channelled to better utilisation.

Residents who spoke to Legit.ng expressed their disappointment in the government for choosing to go the route of sharing.

They argued that such an approach does not address the underlying issues but instead concentrates wealth in the hands of a select few.

Gbenga Olufemi, a resident of Ogun state, said that he has never benefitted from any palliative of the government.

He alleged that only those connected with the government enjoy the palliative, and the ordinary man is usually kept in the dark.

He said:

“What palliative are they sharing? Who told them we want their palliative? What is the essence of the palliative they share when the common man cannot access it? If the government knows what is right, they should just divert the money into an investment that would benefit everyone.

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He added that palliative is only an avenue for corruption

Mark Dolapo also rejected the palliative approach, expressing certainty that the items or money would only end up in the pockets of the rich.

On her part, Taiwo Omolade claimed that providing palliatives isn't a bad idea. She, however, suggested that the most preferable course of action would be to use the money to establish companies that can generate employment opportunities for the people.

She said:

“We understand that there is hunger everywhere and things are costly in the markets. But even if the government decide to give everyone N2m each, the money cannot last forever.
“The palliative money will finish in a twinkle of an eye, but a sustainable investment will last long.”

More reactions on social media

@b_pastor1 said,

“Why not use all this money for audio palliative and bring back fuel subsidy? The government has spent more money on palliative than they have spent on fuel subsidies."

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“Once fuel goes back to 200, this present hardship will reduce by 50%,"

@BunzaAly noted,

“Money meant for subsidy are stolen, money meant for humanitarian are stolen, money meant for arms are stolen, money means palliative are stolen, they forged president signature and stole public funds. Our people are naturally evil wallahi.”


"Is this cash palliative a solution to our problems? This simply will be shared among the politicians. Let them go into production. Simply create industries and have working policies; No immunities! You steal, you go to jail."


"5bn and the whole of Nigeria is 200M+. Abeg if them share 1M each to Ogun state citizens how many times will they get 1M? I am sure each citizen can get up to 2-3M each from the 5b. As usual, someone will sit on it, end of story."


"Audio money, campaign recovery fund, preparation for Senatorial sit."

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"Are you not tired ???"
"That’s not a solution; don't you want to find a lasting solution to it ?? I mean how do you give people one time palliative when they need a systematic working economy “ounje ale ojo kan”. Are we to say the the administration is benefiting from the problem??"

@OkeyKingsman noted,

"Palliative is made for destitute and refugees, but Tinubu and his cohorts are turning it to be a system of governance; wahala dey ooh, till when will this rubbish stop?"

@DavidPopoola9 said,

"Another scam, some politicians in the state will become millionaires any moment from now."

@AgbabiakaT22553 noted

"Not this governor, he only says he will do this, he will do that and at the end of the day, he does nothing."

Sanusi finally speaks on Tinubu's cash transfer

Legit.ng also reported that Muhammadu Sanusi, the former Emir of Kano and ex-governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), disclosed the only way to a long-term solution to remove the fuel subsidy was through the reduced dependence on petrol.

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The economist commended President Bola Tinubu for introducing the conditional cash transfer to cushion the effect of removing the fuel subsidy.

The former emir added that to reset the economy of Nigeria, economics must be brought into public discourse.

Source: Legit.ng

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