Sales, Carpentry Lead List of Top 10 High Paying Jobs in UK for Nigerians Without Degree

Sales, Carpentry Lead List of Top 10 High Paying Jobs in UK for Nigerians Without Degree

There are opportunities for Nigerians without a degree but with skills looking to relocate to the United Kingdom, not to study but to work.

Some of these jobs only require experience and qualifications to get an offer from an eligible employer. has extensively researched the top ten jobs that do not require a degree and how much are the average salaries.


UK jobs without degree
Playing an instrument is one of the jobs in the UK without a degree. Photo credit: Pekic
Source: Getty Images

Pianists, Violinists and others are welcome to the UK with huge pay ranging from £30,000 to £55,000.

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These skilled instrumentalists proficiently play musical instruments, showcasing their talents in solo recitals, as accompanists, and as integral members of orchestras, bands, or other musical ensembles.

Essential skills for instrumentalists include a deep understanding of musical conducting, rehearsal techniques, transposition of music, and the ability to read printed sheet music fluently.

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UK jobs without degree
Electricians are well sort after Photo credit: Hispanolistic
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As an electrician, you can earn an average of £36,000 annually without a degree in the UK.

Electricians in the UK are currently in high demand, particularly in the maintenance and construction sectors.

This profession offers the opportunity to earn a competitive income by providing electrical installations, repairs, and upkeep services.

Notably, the earning potential for electricians can vary significantly based on the size and complexity of projects, with some earning well into the high six-figure range, making it one of the highest-paying professions in the UK.


UK jobs
Photography is another job you can get in UK without degree Photo credit: Alexander Shelegov
Source: Getty Images

This is a highly-paid job in the UK that does not require a degree. Photographers can be an employee or offer freelance services as a consultant.

Photographers can generate a competitive income with average annual earnings reaching up to £27,539.


UK Jobs
Plumber fixing water pipe under the sink Photo credit: FG Trade
Source: Getty Images

Like most high-paying jobs with no degree on this list, the salary expectations will greatly differ depending on factors like experience, location and whether you prefer an employed role or to start your own plumbing business.

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Being a plumber in the UK means earning an average of £25,000 – £30,000, with the highest salary being £100k depending on location.


UK jobs
Welder jobs don not need a degree Photo credit: Junior Asiama
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Without a degree, a welder can earn an hourly wage of £14.75 and annually around £32,000 in the UK.

Typically, the most common path to becoming a welder involves participating in an apprenticeship program where you can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this profession.


UK jobs
Carpenter working with Sand paper on a plank of wood Photo credit: Thana Prasongsin
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As against the common belief in Nigeria, where some individuals underrate the earning potential of carpentry, working as a carpenter in the UK can be highly lucrative.

Carpenters here enjoy a substantial average annual salary of £35,016 or £17.96 per hour, making it a financially rewarding career choice. Entry-level positions start at £29,250 per year, while experienced carpenters can earn up to £44,850 annually.

Sales Representative

UK Jobs
Shot of a call centre agent working in an office Photo credit: LumiNola
Source: Getty Images

Statistically, sales representatives are prominent among well-paying jobs in the UK that do not require a degree.

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The average salary for a Sales Representative in the UK is approximately £37,500, as reported by various sources, including Total Jobs, with the highest potential earnings reaching up to £50,000.

Personal Trainer

UK jons
Gym instructor Photo credit: kali9
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Recent data from Glassdoor indicates that Personal Trainer salaries in the UK can span from £1,000 to £100,000 annually, making it a rewarding and potentially lucrative career option, with an average salary of around £45,000.

While formal degrees are not a requirement, accredited qualifications, a strong entrepreneurial drive (given that 82% of personal trainers are self-employed), and robust educational support are essential for success in this field.

In 2023, the average salary for a Personal Trainer in the United Kingdom stands at approximately £40,041, with the potential for earnings to reach an unlimited range, particularly for those running their personal training businesses.


UK jobs
Businessman having conference call with deaf colleague. Photo credit: Halfpoint Images
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Translation is a burgeoning profession in the UK, driven by its increasing cultural diversity. In 2023, the average salary for a translator is reported at £24,676, according to Payscale, with the potential for the highest earnings exceeding £50,000.

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As a translator, your role involves bridging language gaps and fostering cross-cultural communication.

Fire Fighter

UK jobs
Black firefighter providing backup. Photo credit: xavierarnau
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In 2023, a career as a firefighter in the UK offers both a profound sense of service and competitive compensation, with an average annual salary of £30,000, as reported by Indeed, and the potential for experienced firefighters to earn up to £62,000, according to Prospects.

Notably, becoming a firefighter doesn't necessitate a specific university degree; instead, one can embark on this path by completing a fire service training course.

Expert speaks

Providing further insight for Nigerians looking to relocate for a job, Johnson Umanah, an assistant psychologist based in the UK, said:

"For those coming to the UK for work, consider Manchester, Birmingham, and Leads.
"Especially Leeds it is a top choice for families who prioritize education too. Crime rates are rated moderate. Easy to get your first house in need compared to other places as a first-time buyer.

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"The city is diverse and cosmopolitan having a peaceful atmosphere making it an ideal place for you to live and work. Very economical to live."

To find employment in the UK based on your skills, use this link.

Top 10 banks in Nigeria ranked by workers' salaries

In another report, revealed the 10 commercial banks with the highest salary.

The banks paid a combined sum of N1.30 trillion to their staff to cover their personnel expenses, which include wages, salaries and pensions.

According to NBS data, over 90,000 Nigerians are working in the banking sector at the end of 2022.


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