World War III Fears Responsible For Elon Musk Pulling Out of Twitter Deal, Twitter's Lawyer Says

World War III Fears Responsible For Elon Musk Pulling Out of Twitter Deal, Twitter's Lawyer Says

  • A new twist to the Elon Musk-Twitter saga shows that the billionaire was very scared about the outbreak of World War and wanted to delay buying the platform.
  • According to a recent revelation by Twitter's lawyer on Tuesday, Musk wrote to a banker and expressed fear of World War III
  • Musk is seeking to postpone the hearing scheduled for October by several weeks to add a whistleblower's claim to his legal charge

Elon Musk was scared there would be another World War, so he opted to delay Twitter way before the spam, and bot dispute came to the fore, several reports say.

On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, lawyers representing Musk and Twitter met in court for a hearing to decide whether assertions by whistler, Pieter Mudge Zatko should be added to Musk’s legal charge.

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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk Credit: Bloomberg/Contributor
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Spam and fake accounts just a pretext

According to William Savitt, Twitter’s lawyer, Musk is blaming Twitter for not allowing him to do the necessary due diligence. He asked the judge to stop Musk from adding Zatko’s claims to his lawsuit but said that the five-day trial would be prolonged if the claims were added.

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Savitt read a message Musk wrote to a banker in May that turned up in litigation in which the Tesla CEO said it won’t make sense to buy Twitter ‘if we’re heading into World War III.’

The lawyer claimed that it was apparent that the billionaire was looking for a way not to buy the microblogging site and his initial argument about bots and spam accounts was just a pretence to end the deal.

In July, Twitter was rattled when Musk announced he was terminating the $44 billion deal, claiming that the company misled him about the true number of bots and spam accounts on the platform.

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Both sides have gone to court over the deal and are heading to a five-day trial in October.

Whistleblower 'exposes' Twitter

Musk’s lawyers told a judge on Tuesday, August 6, 2022, that they want to put the trial on hold for several weeks to investigate whistleblower claims about security on Twitter.

Last month, Twitter’s former head of security accused the company of misleading regulators about its cybersecurity defences and its challenges with fake accounts.

Elon Musk is using the new information as fresh ammo to shore up what legal experts say was a long-shot attempt to walk away from not paying a $1 billion termination fee.

Elon Musk invites Twitter founder Jack Dorsey as battle over failed $44 billion Twitter deal gets hotter report that furious Elon Musk has subpoenaed Twitter founder and former Chief Executive Officer of the company, Jack Dorsey, as part of his plan to evade the purchase of the social media company, a deal he backed out of controversially.

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The Subpoena is Musk's effort to stall the $44 billion acquisition deal he agreed to in April 2022.

With this, a CNN report says the billionaire's legal team seeks a wide range of information from the former CEO of Twitter, who resigned as in November last year and remained on the board of the company until last May after Twitter agreed to sell itself to the SpaceX CEO.


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