Owerri postal code full list by area

Owerri postal code full list by area

Owerri is one of the famous places in Nigeria. It is known as the Eastern Heartland. It is also popular because it is the Capital of Imo state. Are you looking for the full list of Owerri postal code? Well, this article is providing a comprehensive list of the postal code for Owerri.

Owerri postal code
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Owerri zip codes are also referred to as the Owerri postal codes. Some individuals may also refer to them as the Owerri postcode.

The zip addresses in the capital of Imo state range according to the region. Due to this, the Owerri postal codes for districts in the northern part of this area will differ from the Owerri postcodes of those in the western region. The differences have left many in a maze trying to figure out which postal code Owerri is for what region.

Owerri municipal postal code

There are multiple areas within Owerri, Nigeria. The several localities make up the Owerri Imo state postal codes. Here is a full list of the zip addresses for certain areas within this region, which are also known as the Owerri Imo state postal codes:

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Umueche — 460261

One of the areas in Owerri is Umueche. The zip address of this area is 460261. It goes to mean that the following locations in Umueche have the same code:

  • Amaigbo St.
  • Edede St.
  • Emekuku Ln.
  • Emmanuel College L/out
  • Enwereji Ln.
  • Housa Qtrs.
  • Nekede Td
  • NEPA
  • New Market
  • Nworie Stream
  • Ogugba
  • Old Market Rd.
  • Oparanozie St.
  • Orlu St.
  • Osina St.
  • Rotobi St.
  • Royce Rd.
  • Uche St.
  • Umezuruike St.

Aladinma Estate — 460231

Aladinma Estate is another area in the Capital of Imo state. Its ZIP is 460231. Here is a list of regions using the same address in this Estate in the capital of Imo state:

  • Afikpo
  • Amaze Njoku
  • Arochukwu
  • Arugo
  • Egbema
  • Etiti
  • Ezioha
  • Lake Nwaebere
  • Mbano
  • Ngor Okpala
  • Ngwa
  • Oguta
  • Okeikpe
  • Umuahia

Uzi Layout — 460241

The postal code of Uzi Layout is 460241. Here is a list of areas in Uzi Layout using this zip code:

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  • Amadi
  • Amaram
  • Amaram Ext.
  • Anokwu
  • Chidomara
  • Chikwere
  • Christ Church Cl.
  • Egbu Rd.
  • Ejiaku
  • Ekeada
  • Ihugba
  • Izii Ln.
  • Kagba
  • Lagos St.
  • Madumere
  • Mbaise
  • Mere
  • Odor
  • Odueze St.
  • Oguoma St.
  • Okorie Rd.
  • Onumiri St.
  • Onyeche
  • Oparaugo
  • Oyima
  • Ozubi St.
  • School
  • Tetlow
  • Ukaegbu St.
  • Zander

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Aladinma Northern Extention — 460232

Aladinma Northern Extention entails another postal code within the capital of Imo state region. It includes areas such as Fair Child, Isikwuato, Configuration, Waec, and Other unnamed Rd.

postal code Owerri
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  • Bishop Court
  • Configuration
  • Fair Child
  • Isikwuato
  • Other unnamed Rd.
  • Waec

Ikenegbu Layout — 460242

The postal code of Ikenegbu Layout is 460242. The address covers several areas such as:

  • Akwa Ibom Market
  • Baptist Church
  • Cementry
  • Chukwuma Nwonadi
  • Dan Anyia Stadium
  • Egbu Rd.
  • Ekwema Cr.
  • Govt. Trade Centre
  • IIC Yard
  • MCC Uratta Rd.
  • Wetheral Rd.

Umuodu — 460243

The postcode or this region is 460243. The address covers regions in Umuodu, such as the following:

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  • Abatoirs vet office
  • Assumpta Primary/Nursery
  • Fire Service Station
  • I.B.C compound
  • Imo Newspapers
  • Old Aba Rd.
  • Tanmeri Stream
  • Timber Market

Umuoyima Emmanuel College Layout — 460251

Umuoyima Emmanuel College Layout has a zip address of 460151. The zip address covers regions such as:

  • Aba Rd.
  • Nekede Rd.
  • New Market
  • Nworie St.
  • Old Aba Rd.
  • Tamari Stream Area
  • Ubochi St.

Nekede — 460262

Owerri west postal code
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The postal address of Nekede is 140262. The following are regions that use the same postcode:

  • Nekede Rd.
  • New General Hospital Rd.

New Owerri — 460271

There is a tendency of most residents within the capital of Imo state to confuse the postal code of New Owerri with that of Owerri west postal code. The two are very different. The postal code of this region is 460271. It covers areas such as:

  • I.T.V.
  • New General Hospital
  • Owerri Girls Secondary School
  • Port Harcourt-Owerri Rd.
  • Qworld Bank Housing Rd.

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Arugo Layout — 460281

There are multiple regions that use the zip address of Arugo Layout, which is 460281. They entail areas such as:

  • Akajiaku Estate
  • Alvan Ikoku College of Education
  • Chief Magistrate Court
  • Euason Ind.
  • Federal Medical Centre
  • Fuason Estate
  • Holy Christ College
  • Life Line Assembly
  • Mobile Police Post
  • Motor Park
  • Onitsha Rd.
  • Orlu
  • State Secretariat

State High Court — 460211

capital of Imo state
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The postal code of State High Court is 460211, and it covers regions such as the following:

  • Assumpta Ave.
  • Cabinet Office
  • Govt. Secondary School
  • Modotel Ln.
  • Mosque
  • Motherless Babies Home
  • Nigeria Prisons
  • Police Qtrs.
  • Shell Camp
  • Staff Qtrs.
  • State House
  • State Police Headquarters-Clerks Qtrs.

Imo State University — 460222

The address of Imo State University is 460222. It covers regions such as:

  • C.S.C Secretariat
  • Isreal Nwoba
  • Mbari St.
  • Ngozi Hospital
  • Ikenegbu Hospital
  • Ohaozara St.
  • Okigwe Rd.
  • Owerri club
  • SAMEK Road

Ugwu Orji — 460213

Ugwu Orji has a ZIP of 460213. The address is used by regions such as:

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  • All other unnamed St.
  • Okigwe Rd.
  • Samek Rd.

Works Layout — 460212

460212 is the postal code of Works Layout. The zip code is used by various institutions and locations:

  • Convent Nursery
  • FSP Nursery/Primary School
  • First Avenue
  • Fourth Avenue
  • Madonna
  • Orlu Road
  • Second Avenue
  • Shoe Industry
  • Sixth Avenue
  • Third Avenue
  • Works Road
  • Zonal Agric

Amawom — 460221

The postal code of Amawom is 460221. Regions using the postal code of Amawom are numerous:

  • Ajoku
  • Alaenyi
  • Douglas
  • Enwereji
  • Ekeonunwa
  • Erekwerenwa
  • Iheanocho
  • Ironsi
  • Mann
  • Njemanze
  • Njeribeako
  • Njiribeako
  • Nwaodo
  • Odu Agu
  • Okorie
  • Old Market
  • Old Stadium Ln.
  • Onumonu
  • Osuji
  • Post Office
  • Tetlow Rd.
  • Uratta

Owerri North postal code

In the northern part of the capital of Imo state in Nigeria, the ZIP plus four are as follows:

Owerri north postal code
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The several Owerri postal codes arise from the fact that Owerri is made up of different regions such as Umuodu, Aladinma Estate, and Nekede. Hence, anyone looking for the zip code of the capital of Imo state should not just select that of Nekede, for example, and assume it to be for the entire capital.

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