What does sell mean in 1xbet? Complete guide for cashout

What does sell mean in 1xbet? Complete guide for cashout

One thing that most punters can attest to is that not all bets are meant to reach the final whistle. While some experienced gamblers can easily predict how their bets will end, most newbies only wait until the last minute to know their fate. Such punters often resort to selling their bets or cashing out, especially if they see the match not going as expected. So, what does sell mean in 1xbet?

does 1xbet have cash out
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The choice of ending the bet or trusting the process solely remains with the bettor. Before cashing out, it is wise to know how to cash out on 1xbet and all the tricks involved to avoid losing money. For that reason, here is a complete guide for 1xbet cash out.

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What does selling a bet mean?

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Cashing out or selling a bet is a popular 1xbet feature that allows users to end their bets prematurely before the match ends. To most punters, this feature is a win-win strategy that allows them to get back their money in cases where they think the game will end unfavorably.

Though, to newbies, the cash-out button carries a lot of questions, with most new punters asking, what does sell mean in 1xbet? Selling a bet means canceling the bet and returning the money used to stake.

Although the term may simply mean buying and selling bets on any bookie, most people focus on ending their wagers for the cash lower than what they had bet.

However, punters should understand that cashing out may have negative and positive consequences. For instance, even though they will not lose the whole amount wagered, they may end up with half or full amount of the bet.

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Does 1xbet have cash out?

Considering how competitive the betting market is, any booking platform without a cash-out feature will likely have only a few users, something 1xbet is not ready to experience.

1xbet is one of the most loved betting sites, with millions of users globally. It is, therefore, logical that it has numerous exciting features that allow its users to enjoy seamless wagering. These include the 1xbet cash out or bet selling button.

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1xbet uses the term slip sale for cash out, which means selling the bet slip to the bookie before the match ends. The platform also allows users to sell their slips before the sports event starts, which can see them getting almost the whole amount they staked. The slip sale or the green button is on the "My Betslip" window.

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1xbet also allows its users to sell part of their bets through partial slip sales. In this case, bettors can sell a fraction of their total bets and leave the other part to run until the end of the match.

1xbet winning ticket
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The function is ideal for gamblers who want to watch their bets run at a lower risk while they have already taken part of the money staked.

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How to cash out on 1xbet

How do I cash out on 1xbet? This is one question that most punters ask, especially if they see their bets slowly developing into losses.

Practically, the cash-out feature is only available to those with active bets, and the bookmaker determines the price at specific game intervals depending on the live markets.

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The offer also stays on until the end of the sports event, and bettors can watch the game and decide whether to cash out or not, especially in live betting.

1xbet has a convenient manual cash out procedure on all devices, including its mobile app. It also has an auto cash out feature that allows gamblers to choose when they want to sell their bets.

When the selected time reaches, the platform automatically terminates the bet, and the amount is directed to the user's account.

How do you know if you win on 1xbet?

If you are not sure of the winning possibility and want to sell your 1xbet winning ticket, follow these simple steps:

  1. On the right side of the 1xbet official website, click "Betslip" to open the "My Betslip" window.
  2. Highlight the games you want to cash out if you want to sell part of the bet.
  3. If you want to sell the entire bet, scroll to the bottom and click on the "Cash Out" or the "Slip Sale" green button.
  4. You will receive a pop-up message confirming the cash out.
  5. Once the procedure is successful, you will see the amount deposited back to your main account, visible on the main page.

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1xbet winning ticket
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Note: The cash out amount is calculated based on the prevailing odds, meaning it can be lower or higher than your stake.

What is the difference between "to win" and "to collect"?

Besides what does sell mean on 1xbet, another confusing term is "win" and "collect." A 1xbet winning ticket usually has three numbers: "ticket cost", "to win," and "to collect."

The "ticket cost" is the betting amount the punter is willing to risk, "to win" is the amount earned if the wager is successful (profit), and "to collect" is the total amount the gambler gets when the bet closes. In short, "to collect" is the sum of the ticket cost and the profit.

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Cash out has become a popular betting feature that allows punters to avoid losses by ending the bets prematurely and getting back their money. The feature also brings a whole new experience to gamblers and lets them enjoy using online bookmakers conveniently. However, before cashing out, gamblers need to understand all the aspects involved and find the right answers to questions like what does sell mean on 1xbet?

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