X-ray fish facts: Interesting things you should know about them

X-ray fish facts: Interesting things you should know about them

Numerous types of fish exist worldwide and come in all shapes and sizes. The X-ray fish is one unique breed found in the South American region. This breed has other names like water goldfinch, golden Pristella tetra, or the X-ray tetra. If you are wondering what this fish is, here are some interesting facts about it.

Two X-ray fish swimming in the water (L). Four X-ray fish swimming (R)
Two X-ray fish swimming in the water (L). Four X-ray fish swimming in yellow plants (R). Photo: @2beautipho, @mr_maitland on Instagram (modified by author)
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The X-ray fish type comes from the Pristella maxillaris species. They are known for having see-through skin that resembles an X-ray. The X-ray species have unique characteristics that make them stand out from other species.

X-ray fish facts

The X-ray fish is a rare species, and many people have no idea where or how they look. Despite their translucent skin, there are many interesting facts about them. Below is a list of facts about X-ray fish you should know.

  • The species originated in the coastal Amazon areas of Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana. Unlike most tetras, they can tolerate the brackish waters of the Amazon River, one of the world's most famous rivers.
  • The species are peaceful, have a calm temperament, and are not aggressive toward other species. They are a great company when put in an aquarium or tank.
  • The X-ray fish size is small and can only grow to 1.9 inches. The females are bigger than their male counterparts.
  • The water species' appearance is silver or yellow. Its fins have yellow, black, and white stripes. Its translucent skin makes its internal bony structure visible.
  • The fish's bony internal structure picks up sound waves and helps them in their acute sense of hearing.
  • X-ray tetras are among the most popular X-ray fish freshwater kept in aquariums worldwide. Although native to brackish water in the Amazon, they thrive well in freshwater environments, including streams, tributaries, and flooded vegetation zones.

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A school of X-ray fish on a white surface (L). An x-ray fish with white, black, and yellow stripes on the fin (R)
A school of X-ray fish on a white surface (L). An X-ray fish with white, black, and yellow stripes on the fin (R). Photo: @pinklatte19, @u1200k on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • The species feeds on animals and plants. The omnivorous fish eats small worms, water insects, larvae, and tiny shrimp. Plants and algal substances also supplement their diet.
  • X-ray fish breeding is done in pairs in a tank. The water should be soft and acidic, with plenty of fine-leaved plants. The females can scatter 500 eggs triggered by the morning sun's rays.
  • After the eggs are released, the pair should be removed from the aquarium to prevent them from predating on the eggs or the hatched young ones. The egg takes two to four days to hatch. The wet seasons provide different breeding grounds for the fish in their typical environment. The new environments are also a source of food.
  • It does not give birth to young ones but instead lays eggs. When it rains, the X-ray fish scatter over 300 eggs in grass and vegetation lands. Within 24 hours, the eggs hatch, and the young ones can swim after a few days.
  • The hatched young ones reach maturity after a few months. Their lifespan in the wild is three years, but they can survive for more than seven years in a tank. Their high reproduction rate makes them popular in aquaria.

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Are X-ray fish real?

It is a unique, translucent real fish that originates in the Amazon basin. It thrives in fresh and brackish water.

Where do X-ray fish live?

The species lives in brackish and fresh water and is native to the coastal regions of Guyana, Venezuela, and Brazil.

Are X-ray fish see-through?

This species is see-through or transparent. Its body is translucent, and its internal structure can be seen through its transparent skin.

How many X-ray tetras should be kept together?

This breed of fish should be kept in groups of at least six. They should be kept in a dark aquarium with aquatic plants. This will make them feel safe and allow them to display their colour comfortably.

What is the group of X-ray fish?

When the X-ray fish are in a group, they are called a shoal or school. Most X-ray fish swim in schools to protect themselves from predators.

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The X-ray fish is found in the Amazon basin in the South American region. This fish species is known for its translucent skin, which allows its bony internal structures to be visible. It lives in fresh water and moves in groups called schools.

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