Five Reasons To Get Married & Five Reasons Not To Get Married

Five Reasons To Get Married & Five Reasons Not To Get Married

People get married for some many reason but the main reasons why some men get married can be enumerated below.

1. For most men, the need of a woman in life is necessitated by the motherly love that he had received in his early life. He needs a woman who can show him the same love and who could fulfill his physical and emotional needs. That is why many men look for the same qualities in a woman that their mothers possess.

2. To have a lifetime companion, who can share his desires and needs.

3. Love. When a man feels that he loves a particular woman, he wants to own her fully. This might appear to be a wrong reason but that is the way humans are made. Everybody likes to possess what he or she desires and human relationships are no different.

4. The woman having become pregnant by him.

5. To have a woman who has a similar career for easier adaptability.

1. Wish to escape from parents.

Even though it would look absurd if we list reasons for not getting married, we could list the reasons that break-up marriage.

1. Over-spending by the wife and living beyond the man his income

2. Continuous nagging, comparing the man to others more successful, and giving unwarranted advice

3. Infidelity

4. Physical incompatibility or sharp decrease in sexual interest

5. Conflict in tastes and interests leading to disagreements and fight


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