Buhari's government is very deceitful – Onovo

Buhari's government is very deceitful – Onovo

- Martin Onovo, the presidential candidate of the National Conscience Party in the 2015 general election, criticized the federal government led by President Buhari

- According to Onovo, the government is very deceitful and divisive

- He accused Buhari of abusing the laws and the constitution of the country

Buhari's government is very deceitful – Onovo

Martin Onovo, the presidential candidate of the National Conscience Party in the 2015 general election, has criticized the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government describing it as “the greatest danger to confront Nigeria since independence".

Speaking during a television programme Politics Today on Channels Television, Onovo said that the federal government is very deceitful and divisive.

“Let’s remove official issues and deal with fundamentals; this government is the greatest danger that has confronted Nigeria since independence. This government is very, very divisive. Right now, this country is divided along religious and ethnic lines. We don’t need that. This government is very deceitful,” he said.

Onovo accused the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) of reneging on many of its campaign promises.

As an example, he recalled how the party had promised to create 3 million jobs, but instead there has been “millions of job loss”.

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“If you don’t believe it, I have a document titled APC manifesto 2015. The document was signed by John Oyegun, national chairman of the ruling party.

“One of the things written there is 3 million jobs every year, but what have we seen? Instead of 3 million new jobs, it’s millions of job loss. In the document was immediate recruitment of 100,000 police officers, what have we seen? Announcement to recruit 10,000. The document also promised to increase the salaries of five security agencies, but what are we seeing, debt, owing salaries and allowances, even that of soldiers in the north-east. So if that is not deceitful, what is?” he wondered.

Onovo also accused President Buhari of abusing the laws and the constitution of the country.

“The constitution is very clear about so many issues, one is appointment. The other time a national newspaper published how out of 37 appointments, 30 were given from a section of the country. Now, what is that supposed to be? Look at the security appointment, six major appointments were made, and anybody who is a nationalist would have given one position to each of the geopolitical zones.

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“I don’t want to go further, because if I give further information that I have, which I can confirm, it can be incisive, so I don’t want to give that level of information. Six major security positions were announced and the same sections of the country that were complaining of exclusion and marginalisation were left out, contrary to the constitution of Nigeria. Federal character is very clear; it’s a constitutional requirement, not a political requirement," he noted.

Speaking about the 2016 budget, Onovo could not say anything good about it.

“These things are simple; it’s not because I belong to the opposition. We have heard a lot of things, we have heard of stolen budget, we have heard of padding, we have heard of missing budget, we heard of re-presentation of the budget. Which scandal have we not heard of?” he wondered.

The president received the comprehensive details of 2016 national budget on April 7. 

After scrutinizing the budget, it was discovered that the lawmakers removed some major projects like the Calabar-Lagos coastal rail line for which Buhari made a provision of N60 billion.

Source: Legit.ng

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