"2015: How To Avert Political Turmoil," By Dapar Alexander

"2015: How To Avert Political Turmoil," By Dapar Alexander

They say, the future of a nation lies in the hands of its youths. But what Nigerian youths think about the future of our country?

Legit.ng's guest contributor Dapar Satmak Alexander from UniJos, in his article called 2015: How To Avert Political Turmoil, offers some advice on how Nigeria could emerge victorious and united from the general elections exercise.

"As the countdown to 2015 general elections continues, our national concern should be how to stave off bloodshed in order to foster greater national consensus and promote a healthy democracy.

"Yes, Nigeria is prone and susceptible to wanton killings and destruction on the altar of politics, largely due to uncontrolled desperation for power by politicians. Political turmoil, religious crises, ethnic clashes have over the years dragged Nigeria in the mud and defined a battered image for our country.

"It is upon these premises that USA's Central Intelligence Agency has in 2006 predicted that Nigeria would break up in the year 2015. When the prediction was released, Nigerians poured their fangs and venom on the US and said the prediction was in total bad taste.

"While I remain an unapologetic advocate of peace, unity and one Nigeria, with great regret, I have to write that Nigeria is dancing on the brink, teetering toward her perdition. The prediction by the US is somewhere close to reality should Nigerians fail to rise up in togetherness to defend its sovereignty with courage, rectitude and resolve. The reckless shedding of blood, mass killings in the North and constant political altercations are only growing in leaps and bounds without concrete measures to abate them.

"Nigeria is a country that practices democracy. Democracy, on the other hand, gives room and opportunity for the masses to elect their leaders without discrimination in a peaceful, free, fair, transparent, credible and just manner.

"The  electioneering period for the 2015 elections is about to start, and already, politicians, political parties and other stakeholders in the political terrain have begun their earnest subtle campaigns, developing strategies, consulting widely and holding series of both public and nocturnal meetings to woo supporters and set the ball rolling.

"Regrettably, by our wild vituperations, vulgar languages, defaming speeches, dirty practices and dangerous actions, we have advertently and inadvertently heated the polity and made the nation to boil. We have deliberately aggravated our problems and destroyed the fragile peace we had been hitherto enjoying.

"Many writers, analysts and observers argued that the fratricidal massacre of people in the North carried out by Boko Haram dreaded militants is politically motivated. Whether it is so or not, the truth must be told succinctly that the war in the North is the most utterly senseless and absurd thing that has ever happened to Nigeria.

"For God's sake, where is the justification of this campaign of bloodshed and destruction of valuables? Those carrying out this sheer evil and madness need urgent deliverance from the grip of unclean spirits. Nigeria is in dire need of peace and sustainable national development. This can be achieved, facilitated and consolidated if in 2015 we record a free and fair election. We cannot afford to experience again what happened in 2011 when the nation was caught in flames during the post-presidential election upheavals.

"It was because of this political crisis that many had their lives cut short by hoodlums suspected to be supporters of the then-CPC presidential aspirant. It was indeed a gory story for Nigeria then, and our immediate concern should be how to redeem our image and re-write our history.

"The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under the leadership of Prof. Attahiru Jega should surprise Nigerians by doing its best to remove all the impediments on the path of free and credible elections. INEC should actively collaborate with security agencies to forestall breakdown of law and order.

"The citizenry must also make informed choices and refuse to be used as agents of destabilization by do-or-die politicians. We must turn out as legitimate voters to exercise our civic responsibilities next year peacefully because elections are crucial to the sustenance of democracy.

"Let me end this piece by quoting the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Jonathan's message to the 492 delegates at the historic National Conference during their inauguration in Abuja: 'The most compelling task before us is to lay a much stronger foundation for faster development by building a more inclusive national consensus on the structure and guiding principles of state that will guarantee our emergence as a more united, progressive and prosperous nation.'

"Let us reflect on Mr. President's words and do what is politically correct and democratically acceptable. God bless Nigeria."

Mr. Alexander is a 400-level Mass communication student of the University of Jos, Plateau State. If you wish your article to be published by Legit.ng, submit it (and any questions regarding our collaboration) to info@naij.com.

Source: Legit.ng

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