Top 10 Foodstuff Markets In Lagos

Top 10 Foodstuff Markets In Lagos

Editor's Note: Lagos is a market place. As the commercial hub of Nigeria, there are many market places in the city.  Traders bring goods from the hinterland and other West African countries. There are also a lot of import goods that arrive in Lagos markets.'s Lagos contributor, Tope Oduntan takes a tour of the markets of Lagos

Top 10 Foodstuff Markets In Lagos
In Lagos foodstuff markets one can buy almost anything one needs

A market is a geographical area where commercial demand and supply exists. It is a fairly spacious site where traders set up stalls and buyers browse the merchandise. Goods, commodities and services are put up for sale in as much as human needs are met.

However, some markets are popularly known for specific goods being sold; such as; foodstuff, Clothing materials, Cosmetics, Building materials, Provisions, Motor spare parts, fairly used goods etc. Lagos City Guide has decided to analyse to you, 10 Top Foodstuff markets in Lagos to enable you have a stress free and easy shopping when the need arises.

1. Iddo Market - This is situated at Ebutte meta, very close to Oyingbo. This market is widely known for the sale of bags of rice, beans, groundnut oil among others in bulk or wholesale. Traders here are mostly from the northern part of the country and neighbouring states.

2. Mile 12 Market– From Ojota to Ketu, you can easily access this market. It is a very large market highly dominant of different tribes in Nigeria. It is majorly known for food stuffs, more often, trailers are seen conveying foodstuff from the market to other parts of the country. Vegetables, Rice, Pepper in large baskets, Onions can be gotten from here. This a wholesale market for retailers who move to other markets to resell.

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3. Daleko Market – Majorly known for wholesale of Bags of rice, beans, groundnut oil, palm oil, semo, sugar etc., it is located at Isolo local government, very close to Mushin as well. Goods are available at very reasonable prices for Retailers as well

4. Oke Odo Market – located in the heart of Agbado oke odo local government area with traders emanating from neighboring states and farms. Foodstuffs, Vegetables, Groundnuts, Palm oil, Yam, Garri, Elubo, and Plantains are some of the things you are guaranteed to get there.

5. Oyingbo Market – This is another large ancient market in the vicinity of Ebute Meta. The market has become so big that it is now being extended to streets in the area. This market deals majorly in food stuff of all kinds i.e. Stock fish of different species, vegetables, Crayfish, local delicacies. All these are available in large quantities depending on your purse.

6. Idi Oro Market – Popularly known to be Plantain market, it is located few kilometers away from Oloosa in Mushin. Bunch of both ripe and unripe Plantains are available based on your choice and at a very reasonable prices, Wholesalers and Retailers buy to resell to consumers. However, other fruits are sold as well, but Plantain is very dominant.

7. Ijora Fish Market – Just like its name, sea fishes of different species can be gotten from here. It is located very close to Apapa sea port and PHCN Ijora. Sea Fish of different species and with amazing sizes are always available. Fresh fish in cartons and live fish called “Onmi” which means ‘live fish still breathing’ are always on sale as well according to your demand.

8. Liver pool Under Bridge – This is very close to Tincan Island Apapa and also Creek road. This market deals majorly in both fresh and dry fishes. It is a relatively big market with other foodstuff on sale as well.

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9. Ogba Sunday Market - This is majorly for foodstuffs to enable the working class meet up with their various shopping due to the fact that weekdays are not conducive for most of them. Situated off Ogba Ijaiye Road. Several years back, it is strictly on Sundays, but recently due to popular demand, the markets now operates every day.

10. Abattoir Market – This is a large market where cows, sheep, cattle etc are sold and slaughtered daily for both sale and public consumption. It is located at Agege local Government Area. Butchers assemble very early in the morning to purchase various quantities to meet demands of their customers




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