Meet Cheerful 17-Months-Old Baby Girl Born Without A Nose (PHOTOS)

Meet Cheerful 17-Months-Old Baby Girl Born Without A Nose (PHOTOS)

Meet an adorable 17-month-old baby, Tessa Evans, who was born with a rare congenital disorder, arhinia, which means the girl does not have a nose.

Arihnia could lead to a partial or complete absence of the nose at birth. It is an extremely rare condition, with few reported cases in the history of modern medicine. Tessa's parents were notified about their baby's condition during the 20-week scan which showed an abnormally flat facial profile. However, the next several tests revealed stable development of the healthy fetus. 

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While talking to journalist, baby mother, Gráinne Evans, said she had no idea about Tessa's problem until the girl draw the first breath. She said: "I was so excited to have a natural birth for the first time, but as soon as I saw her face I knew something was wrong. I was in shock and I just froze. The midwife cut the cord before I could even say anything and whisked her away from me. There were alarm bells ringing and I was so frightened I couldn't stand without fainting."

Immediately after Tessa was born she was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – where she spent five weeks.  A tiny baby has already undergone an operations that allowed her breath while eating and sleeping, unfortunately, the second operation aimed at removing the cataract on her eye was unsuccessful and the girl was left completely blind in that eye.

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Father Nathan proudly said: "I can't believe how much can change in a year. We know there are still challenges and multiple surgeries to come but when she flashes that cheeky grin of hers, it's all worth it. She's no longer a silent baby thanks to a special speaking valve, we thought her eyesight might hold her back but, despite the medical journals' grim predictions, she's running around, playing outside and can blow the most gorgeous kisses."

Now Tessa is describe as a very active, cheerful and always smiling child who in spite of all the hardships keep fighting for her life. In the nearest future Tessa will be given a nose-shaped mould which would be placed where her nose is supposed to be and will be replaced with a bigger one every couple of year as she grows.

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