IN MEMORIAM: Nigerian Artistes Who Left In Their Prime

IN MEMORIAM: Nigerian Artistes Who Left In Their Prime

Tears are pouring in their gourd. Darkness has laid siege in the industry. Death, a path no one loves to tread has dealt a heavy blow.

In grief, with Kefee’s loss in sight, here’s a memoriam of some of our finest celebrities who left quite in their prime.GOLDIE

Fondly dubbed the Nigerian version of Lady Gaga, Goldie was indeed priceless. Her pop culture left no one in doubt about her abilities. She stunned us with her performance, and left us roaring with laughter long after she was gone. A queen of hearts, she never ceased to thrill her admirers. Then it happened. She returned from the 2013 Grammy and complained of a slight headache. On February 14, when love was in the air, Goldie passed on. She was aged 29.

If there was anyone that stormed the industry, it was Dagrin. He took rapping in his native Yoruba Language to new heights. He was an enigma of some sorts. An inspiration to many youths, that dreams can indeed come true in Nigeria. The hits Pon Pon Pon and Kondo off his CEO album became anthems. In popular demand, he was always billed to perform. It was on returning from one of such performances that he had an auto crash. He never came out alive. He was just 22.

Among the Yoruba genre of Nollywood, Bisi was a cult-hero. An actress of sterling talent, she starred in over 100 movies. A screen goddess, she brought joy to many. At the verge of lighting other candles, having been a success, she was admitted into the hospital for pregnancy related complications. She did not make it. She was aged 27.

Osondi Owendi may be a hit, but MC Loph remix rubbed it in. This remix enjoyed massive airplay across the country, as his demand soar. An agent of change, the virtue of hard work never left his lips. This was until fate struck. He was involved in an auto crash along the Benin/Ore expressway. He did not survive. He left behind an aged mother and a widow.

Her tweet, ‘I love and hate my life”, could mean anything. But, it was her last. Zara known for her sonorous voice was a delight. Her single Aboku ku enjoyed ranging success. Although she shared similar style with Goldie, it was never in doubt the uniqueness of her songs. After a long battle with multiple sclerosis, a disease which damages the brain cells and spinal cord, Zara passed on. She was 28.


- by Ezeh Emmanuel

Source: Legit

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