DJ Timmy Blasts Headies Over Controversial 'Next Rated' Award

DJ Timmy Blasts Headies Over Controversial 'Next Rated' Award

A popular disc jokey who goes by the name of DJ Timmy has reacted to the Headies 2015 awards which has generated a lot of controversy on social media.

The respected DJ, in an open letter, argued that the Headies award is not one to be rated highly as it breeds bad blood among music artists and relegates a few others who do not win an award.


His letter comes on the heels of the spat between Olamide the YBNL boss and his Mavin Records counterpart, Don Jazzy, over who is the actual winner of the coveted 'next rated' award.

Mavin's Reekado Banks had been adjudged the winner during the presentation, a development which did not go down well with Olamide, as he insisted that his boy, Lil Kesh deserved the award more.

According to the 'Eyan Mayweather' crooner, Lil Kesh's three singles were all hits back-to-back and he is a better candidate than Reekado, who Olamide says has not released a hot track since he began his career.

Read his open letter as obtained by Green News:

When i wrote my first open letter to Headies on December 29, 2013, the majority opinions i got was that i was correct while others felt i was just an “Attention seeker”.

Headies as an award should be credibile and not just over hyped. We have hundreds of award shows every year in Nigeria and they are not as controversial as this one. Headies as an award are still not appreciating certain artiste, producers, entertainers and Dj’s who work 24/7 to make sure they bring out the best. They give us the impression that once you are not nominated or you do not win, you have not started your career;This is a BIG LIE. Over the years, All Ayo Animashaun and HipTv family have proven that it is Money over Integrity and that is why he always ignores the choices of majority of Nigerians or could it be that they innocently don’t even know what they are doing?

I am not here to analyse the faults of headies in full but you can read the other complains on twitter with the hashtag #TheHeadies2015.

Firstly, I noticed your hall was half empty. Your live broadcast that you always brag about had the picture quality of NTA channel 10 and your technical crew were going offline every time things became awkward and they immediately have to switch to “lyrics on the go” to cover up your shame. I watched BET African awards live and Mtv and i can see a very huge difference in all aspects. You still have a lot to learn. Another disturbing fact is that headies as an award is

creating bad blood among colleagues in the Nigerian music scene. Headies is the reason why we have not seen collaborations among certain musicians. Tell me why Phyno,Davido, Falz, Solidstar and many other music producers and artiste who have been topping charts this year where not recognized?

Next Rated

Now Of all the categories, this is the only one worth arguing over.Even though this is not a voting category, I stand by million of Nigerians to say that Lil Kesh or Kiss daniel deserve the award. What are the reasons? Lil Kesh has more hit tracks, Swag, Stage performance, Composure and in the long run Lil Kesh may last longer for years to come. Infact, i will rather invest N10m on Lil kesh career than Reekado’s. That is not to say Reekado is not hardworking or he does not have the talent but lil kesh has that special something. Infact Reekado still does not have any Hit track to date. Yes !!!!! I say that with all sense of authority. Songs like Corner, Sugar baby, Catapult are NOT hit tracks, they are just popular and they could have gone National but they are NOT hit tracks. Dont confuse a popular song with a Hit track. Let me explain, As a DJ if i dont play “Gbese” “Efejoku” “Shoki” “Reggae Blues” “Woju” “Laye” “Godwin” at any party, i will have loads of people coming to request for them but people dont disturb me if i do not play Reekado banks songs.

Do you get the point? In fact another proof Reekado still does not own a hit track is that an average Nigerian parent who do not follow music still know songs like “Woju” “Bobo”, “Ojuelegba” and “Efejoku”. While i was writing this, i played reekado’s songs to the older generation and they claimed never to have heard them.


This was actually the most interesting part of the show for those who stayed awake to attend or watch the show. Now the beef is official and it is part of the bad blood that headies have caused. Olamide was not referring to anybody in particular during Adekunle Gold’s acceptance speech but Don Jazzy had to mention Olamide’s name and the beef became real on twitter with Olamide referring to the Don as a “Bastard”. Don jazzy should NOT have mentioned Olamide’s name in the first place and saying “he should come and collect the car if he wants”. Now people are taking sides and everyone saw when Olamide threw the microphone away and his beloved “red cup’ he poses with in almost all his music videos. In my own view, It shows how unruly and empty he is intellectually. Olamide wants to be a Kanye west so bad and he feels he can do anything and go scott free. This was the same guy who cursed Linda Ikeji for reporting a story about his “love child” and claimed it was a rumour till we confirmed it was actually true. Baba Miliano (Olamide) your alter ego Kanye west started becoming responsible when he gave birth, when will you stop sounding like a thug in your songs and be a role model for those who are watching you? You refer to yourself as a Rapper but i say it to your face that you are now a bloody singer so shut up. I wonder why you where not nominated in the R&B category since you are now a professional singer.

Back to the Mavins, If we look at this from another angle, Reekado needs the car more than Lil kesh since Olamide already bought Kesh a black Range Rover sport around March, 2015. Instead of Jazzy to buy his “children’ (as he refers to his label mates) a car, he will be giving out free recharge card on twitter to buy peoples heart. At least Reekado, Korede and Di’ja will stop going around lagos with Cabs. It should be noted that Davido is also a major cause of this, he tweeted it some months back that Lil Kesh should pull a “Kanye” on Headies if he does not win. Kesh was probably too timid so his oga OluwaKanye Olamide did the dirty job and refered to that as “Fighting for the poor boy”

In conclusion

All Nigerian artiste and producers, do not place your hope on the Headies which should now be referred to as “The Leggings”. Do not say because you where not recognized it means you are not trying, keep doing what you are doing and let the headies keep on doing what they are known for – NONSENSE.. !!! Do not forget to send your insults and blessing to the writer @Baddestdjtimmy and tell me exactly how you feel. I also need someone to clear this please, Don Jazzy said ” The organizers told him to call Reekado to come…So he left Alibaba’s show” Does that mean he knew Reeky was going to win that category? Cynthia Morgan was absent and i am sure the organisers did not tell Jude Okoye to tell Cynthia Morgan to rush down there. You be the judge !!!!!

After the much publicised outburst, the YBNL boss has since apologised to his teeming fans over his attitude, but did not spare Don Jazzy.


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