Biafra Protesters Set To Storm Lagos

Biafra Protesters Set To Storm Lagos

Pro-Biafra agitators plan to move their protest to Lagos in a bid to show solidarity with Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra.

Biafra Protesters Set To Storm Lagos
Nnamdi Kanu in court


A lot of protests have been held in states in the eastern and some southern part of the country with a few resulting in violence.

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In a statement released by Radio Biafra through their social media page, the agitators said they plan to stage a massive protest in Lagos in order to push for the release of Kanu and also to get their desired independent state of Biafra.

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The director of Radio Biafra was arrested by security operatives and appeared in court in Abija on Monday, November 23. Pro-Biafra agitators were present to cheer him and also protest his arrest and continued detention amidst heavy security personnel.

The statement read:

Everybody should get ready for another ALMIGHTY upcoming peaceful protest, Lagos should also gear up because this time we will take our peaceful protest to every corner of Lagos state, Biafrans in Lagos should arise! The time has come to prove to the world that Biafra is not a terrorist or illegal organization. One of the major sponsor of Biafra is UNITED NATIONS. We want to tell the world that we so much valued Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra. The protest will last until Nnamdi is released. We are not giving up! NEVER! We are Biafrans and when we start something we don't stop half way. We must prepare and raise our Biafra flag HIGH AND HIGHER........NEVER SHALL WE GIVE UP ..GET READY FOR ANOTHER ALMIGHTY PEACEFUL PROTEST COMING SOON. THE STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM HAS JUST BEGUN AND WE SHALL TAKE THE WORLD BY SURPRISE. WE SHALL SUFFER WITH NNAMDI KANU, WE SHALL STAND WITH HIM TILL THE END. NO BIAFRA NO PEACE FOR NIGERIA.

Meanwhile, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, the sultan of Sokoto has expressed worry over the growing agitation for an independent Biafra state championed by some Igbo people and promised that a delegation from the northern traditional council will be sent to Igbo leaders to meet on the issue.


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