Dangers of Dating Men Who Kiss and Tell

Dangers of Dating Men Who Kiss and Tell

Generally, feminism is associated with gossip; this has been illustrated over-time in local dramas as well as in award winning movies. Some women lack the ability to hold certain information and are known to spread tales whenever chanced.

Dangers of Dating Men Who Kiss and Tell

However there are men who are worse off than women when it comes to relating information and spreading tales of events. As shocking as this is, the men even tend to divulge information about their sexual escapades in boastful bids. Women particularly find it embarrassing when they hear comments being passed about them as a result of their engagement with these men. Not only do they find this embarrassing, it’s a humiliating experience for many. It is easy for men to kiss and tell when the lady in question is a fling.

Some aspects of a relationship are meant to be kept private. Not everyone is interested in knowing what goes down and at what point it does. But some men these days find it absolutely normal to share information about the ladies in their lives over a few bottles of drinks. At these gatherings, they analyze the ladies and mock them. Over-time, it becomes a habit and these men may find it difficult to keep some aspects of their ‘serious’ relationships personal.

Find below some dangers of dating men who kiss and tell:

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Inability To Keep Secrets

It is definitely important for women to study and know the kind of men they go into relationships with. Men who kiss and tell most times want to be the life of every gathering. They want to be able to drop a line whenever topics are being discussed. Dating men like that makes one prone to all sorts of hazards as everyone knows what goes on in one’s life easily. Also, some family secrets could be shared in those moments of pride.

Your Sex-life Is A Joke

In a bid to be the center of attention, men often spill the beans about their sex life. While it could be a fun circle with everyone laughing hard, it would be totally unfair on the women’s part. Men could be so annoying when it comes to that aspect, they may mention names and give numbers to authenticate their stories. Lewd remarks could be passed about these ladies and in some cases; the stories spread and reach the ladies in question.

Low Level Of Maturity

Men who often kiss and tell are men with sex challenge issue. They want to announce to the whole world the feat they have just attained. Just like a circle of bullies, a man wants to show off and tell everyone he’s man enough to be there. Basically, he assumes what makes him a man is his ability to use that which lies within his legs. Until he grows out of that thought and behavior, whoever dates him is in jeopardy. Such men are likely to display a low level of maturity. Finding a relationship where they are more committed help them outgrow the kiss and tell syndrome.

Potential Virgin Predators

Men who kiss and tell in addition to the above seem to have insatiable appetites. Having sex with regular girls may bore them at some point and make their boasts dry to the people they are trying to impress. Thus, they tend to go in search of girls holding tight to their virginity. Being able to sleep with virgins give them a different satisfaction and allow them tell the story in a different way.

Lack Of Respect

Dating men who kiss and tell puts a lady in a compromising situation. During the men’s boisterous comments, derogatory remarks are also made about the women in most cases. The bottom line is a man who loves and respects a lady would keep quiet about their encounters. The lady is not a fling in this case and he would try as much as possible to protect her feelings. This way, he gains the respect of his partner.

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