My Husband Of Five Years Still Flirts With His Exes, I'm At A Loss

My Husband Of Five Years Still Flirts With His Exes, I'm At A Loss

Our anonymous female reader sent her message to seeking for advice. She says her husband of five years does not appreciate her and her efforts to save their family.

I've been in a relationship for almost 13 years, five of them in marriage. My problem is that my husband would continuously sent inappropriate BlackBerry and e-mail messsages to his ex-girlfriends. He starts their conversations to catch up with them, then they begin discussing how things would have been if they hadn't separated. Sometimes he would even confess his love to them.

This started about four years ago, when he began his first online relationship with one of his exes. They remembered their good old days. What hurts me to this day is that he stated that when he had a stroke a few years back, no one was there for him. This is not true. Our entire family was there every day in therapy, I was working two jobs to take care of us because he lost his job. Earlier this year, he once again started a casual conversation with his another past girlfriend.

I feel belittled by this. I have been the sole provider for our family of six for over a year now. I feel unappreciated. We just started counseling with our Pastor who asked us what can be done to save our marriage. I couldn't name anything at all. I have tried to to talk to him, but he never feels like talking.

I feel alone in our marriage and I am ready to just be by myself. I am lost and do not know what to do.


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