New Ooni Of Ife-Ife Awaits Announcement

New Ooni Of Ife-Ife Awaits Announcement

News has circulated that the new Ooni of Ife-Ife may be announced, throwing the town into an expectant mood and frenzy.

Following Friday's judgement that upheld the 1980 Ife chieftaincy declaration, residents were looking forward to the announcement of a new monarch, hence the noticeable presence of more security men across the town.

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The late Obalufe, Chief Solomon Omisakin, addressing the media on the decision of the kingmakers to stick to the 1980 Ife Chieftaincy Declaration, had announced that the search was narrowed for the new monarch to only the Giesi Ruling House.


During the briefing that took place inside the Ooni’s palace a little over one month ago, he said that the new monarch would emerge 40 days from then.

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But the death of Obalufe, who was the most senior kingmaker, and the many court cases instituted by the aggrieved parties in the matter, had made the projection very unlikely.

However, the suggestion that a new Ooni had been chosen by the kingmakers, only for the state governor to approve yesterday, sparked tension in the town.



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