World News: Barack Obama and Merkel Discuss Putin Over the Phone

World News: Barack Obama and Merkel Discuss Putin Over the Phone

According to information in one of German newspapers, Angela Merkel mentioned questioning Putin's being "in touch with reality" in a conversation to Barack Obama.

German Bild newspaper wrote on March 3rd, that Angela Merkel during a phone conversation with Barack Obama discussing the crisis in Ukraine, complained that Vladimir Putin was, according to her words "living in another world."

According to the information from the same paper, it had got exclusive inside information on the telephone conversation between German and US leaders from American sources. In this conversation, both leaders expressed criticism over Mr Putin and intervention of Russia in Crimea (Ukraine) and agreed that it was and is a violation of international law.

German government stressed that according to both leaders, it is of high importance for whole international community not to delay the response to the crisis.

Both leaders agreed upon sending a fact finding mission to Ukraine immediately and set up a contact group, which was not established by Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, aiming to end the crisis in Crimea via political dialogue.

Merkel and Obama pledged to find all ways of helping Ukraine out of this crisis.

According to the spokesman of German government, on a phone conversation that happened earlier between Mr Putin and Mrs Merkel on Sunday, Russian President agreed on sending a contact group as proposed by the German Chancellor.

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