7 Reasons Why You Should Sleep More With Your Husband

7 Reasons Why You Should Sleep More With Your Husband

Couples over time start to withdraw from each other. Their level of enthusiasm is low when it comes to being intimate with one another.

7 Reasons Why You Should Sleep More With Your Husband
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They start to feel like they have done it many times and being sexually involved isn’t a big deal. The truth is each moment is magical but it’s all dependent on the couple’s participation or involvement.

Women, due to one reason or the other avoid getting romantically involved with their husbands. Childbirth and change in body may be part of the driving forces behind this.

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Some couples go as far as having separate bedrooms and sleeping in different beds; this would only weaken the bond and cause a rift in the marriage.

Consider the following benefits accrued to sleeping with your husband

Avenue To Catch Up On Each Other’s Life

Imagine how cozy it is lying in your husband’s arms while you review the activities of the day. Some couples get so busy with their jobs that the only moment of peace they have is the time they lay on the bed. They could have soft pillow talks to share feelings and concerns. That might as well be the only time they get to spend with each other.


When a woman sleeps regularly in the same bed with her husband, it creates an avenue for them to get intimate. They have first-hand knowledge of each other’s bodies. They know where it hurts and what part of the body gives the highest sensation. Compared to the couples sleeping in different beds; things could be awkward once in a while when they try to meet. Cuddling and spooning provides many women comfort and help ease the stress of the day. It also makes the women feel safe and secured.

Chance To Get Bawdy

Women most times find it hard to ask their husbands for sex. Sleeping regularly with husbands help them overcome this shyness and encourage them to initiate sex when they are in the mood. In addition to this, they also get comfortable and learn to discuss different aspects of their sexuality. They are able to guide their husbands during lovemaking and feel totally normal doing things around them.

Ability To Create Your Own Standard

Sex is most times overrated. People have different ways of relating their experiences. While some blow it out of proportion, others talk about it with little or no interest. Sleeping with one’s husband helps both the man and the woman to set a standard. They can work towards normalcy together. This way they don’t feel under pressure or strive to attain perfection.

Health Benefits

It is being suggested from researches that sleeping in the same bed with one’s partner could be beneficial to the couple’s health. Sharing a bed is believed to increase or boost the level of oxytocin (Love Hormone). This hormone helps couples to bond. Sleeping in the same bed with a partner also helps reduce Cortisol (Stress Hormone). Cortisol could cause depression and trigger heart disease due to increase in cytokines.

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Warding Off Diseases

Ignoring some of the sleeping habits may have, women are able to help maintain their husband’s health when they sleep with them in the same bed. According to researches, men who ejaculate often are less likely to have prostate cancer.

Helps Keep The Glow

Women who sleep with their husbands glow and look younger. It is believed that couples who sleep together live longer.

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