Bible Stopped The Bullets, Saving Attacked Man's Life

Bible Stopped The Bullets, Saving Attacked Man's Life

Rickey Wagoner, who was attacked by a gang of three youths as his bus broke down on the road on Monday February 24th 2014 in Ohio, USA, survived due to his genuine faith.

The victim of the attack was shot twice in the chest at close range and once in the hip. 

Miraculously, a bible in his top pocket acted as a bullet proof stopping the two bullets.

According to the police, the 49-year-old man could have died but for the New Testament Bible.

Wagoner told 911 operators:

"I had a book in my pocket. At first I thought it went through. It just feels like I’ve been hit with a sledgehammer in the chest. And I’ve been cut on the arm."

Mr. Wagner later told police he believes the assault was part of a gang initiation, as he heard one suspect telling another that he needed to “kill the polar bear” in order to be “all the way in the club.”

The man managed to snatch the gun from the young attackers and fired back, while they were running away.

Commenting on the case, Dayton police said it was too early in the investigation to draw any conclusions about the motive.


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