Nigerian Actress, Liz Anjorin Says 'I’m not ready for marriage'

Nigerian Actress, Liz Anjorin Says 'I’m not ready for marriage'

Popular Yoruba actress/producer, formerly Liz Anjorin now known as Aishat who recently converted to Islam in an interview talks about marriage and her conversion.

The Badagry-born actress and mother of one, Liz Ajorin when asked to clear the air about the report that made rounds that she would be getting married she said:  "I think someone wrote a story along that line when I went to an event and they said my attire looked like that of a bride, maybe it’s the person that wrote the story that wants to kiss the bride".

On if she would remain single after having kids out of wedlock and is financially comfortable she said: My belief is that  as a single mother you still need a man. The kid or kids also need a man, either their father or stepfather, someone to tell them you are my daughter, you are my son and I don’t want this or that. It’s true that being single is so sweet and interesting but as a woman a time will come when age will tell and the whole thing will clear off.

If you want to remain single or something, it will get to a stage that loneliness will set in because by that time the children would have grown and gone. In my own case, I don’t love to be a single mother, so I will surely settle down with a man, it’s just the time so I won’t rush out when I go in. If you think you want to remain single because of the freedom you enjoy, the freedom will turn to another thing when the time comes.

On if she would get married this year  "If God says so, no problem but there are no plans for that now. I believe there is time for everything and I am an advocate of being happy always". So I am happy right now and when the time comes for that I won’t hesitate to embrace it and be happy.

On the effect the changes of her conversion to Islam has had on her

Let me start like this, people have been saying different things since they learnt I went to Hajj, but the issue is that I also have a Muslim background because my mum was a Muslim. Besides, whoever have seen me go worship in a church in the last fifteen years should come and say it. Going to Hajj is one thing I decided when my mother died because I love my mum so much.

Islam is not what I just woke up to embrace even though my father was a Christian and my name is Elizabeth. Now to your question, there is nothing serious that has changed about me other than the fact that I am being careful with what I do. I respect myself and the fact that I am an Alhaja because people are watching and waiting to crucify me.


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