Why pregnancy scares Mercy Aigbe

Why pregnancy scares Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe-Gentry constantly stands out among her peers as a good dresser, never drawing the eye of the high, scrutinizing fashion police on red carpets across the country.

In this interview with Encomium, she opened up on her fashion sense, marriage, joys of motherhood and many more.


You have been applauded as one of the best dressed in Nollywood, how does it feel?

What dictates what you wear? It depends on my mood and the occasion.  At times I might just want to do the T-shirt and jeans just to look casual.

Who makes your designs? I have a designer who is very good.  She is an indigenous designer and goes by the name, House of Luminee.  Her name is Kofo.  She chooses the style and makes all my clothes. I just hand over the material and she always comes with breathtaking designs.  Her detailings are perfect.

How have you been able to keep your shape despite having two children?

I take very good care of myself by watching what I eat, exercise every time I get the chance. I usually go for a massage called ‘pin rolling.’  It is painful though but I do it in order to keep fit and when it comes to food, I consume mostly vegetables, fruits and water. Once I notice that I’m stressed, I take a time out to the spa for body massage, facials and some other things that would make me look good.  I thank God for blessing me with a good body.

It was alleged that you and your husband went to the registry recently, why did you do it secretly?

Why did you wait till now before going to the registry? I can decide to legalise my marriage anytime I want and that is what I just did.  So, I do not see it as a big deal.  After all, we have done the traditional wedding which is more important.

How are you enjoying the joys of motherhood? I love being a mother that I don’t know how to describe the feeling. It is something that every woman should experience – watching your children grow, having that feeling that you have to protect them is an awesome feeling.  At times when I look at my son and I see how fast he has grown, I feel great.  When he does new things, it amazes me. I am enjoying it and I thank God I’m a mother because it is a blessing.  I feel my children are all I have got in this world.  I see them as my world, they weight beyond all I have achieved.  I feel my children are my life and my legacy.

What are the challenges you might have faced being a mother?

As a mother, I don’t think I have really faced any challenge.  The only thing is that maybe when I have to spank them which is very normal and expected, but I have not really faced a major challenge. Truthfully, the only thing that scares me is pregnancy because of all the nine months, the swollen feet, you get very fat and all. But when the baby comes out, you forget all that you have passed through during pregnancy and labour.  I am even enjoying it because as a mother, you want to give your children the best in life and also instill some morals that would make them be a better person.  To your children, it’s like you are a ‘mini god.’

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