Villagers Set Witch Doctor On Fire After He Beheads Little Boy

Villagers Set Witch Doctor On Fire After He Beheads Little Boy

A four-year-old boy was reportedly kidnapped and beheaded as an offering to he Hindu goddess Kali in Pokuru in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Trumala Rao, 35, allegedly stole a four-year-old boy from a nursery in a health centre and carried him to his house.

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Then a suspected witch doctor cut Manu Sagar's head off, collected his blood and sprinkled it all over his house in a religious ritual. The man believed that a human sacrifice will give him power and wealth from a Hindu goddess Kali.

The boy's headless body was found in the remote house only after his mother L Adilakshmi didn't find him at nursery and a manhunt organized by angry villagers began.

After they suspect was found, the locals tied him to the tree, beat him and set alight. Luckily for the man, police intervened and the man was taken to hospital where he is now treated for severe burns.

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He will have to undergo medical tests to evaluate his mental health before being interrogated by police officers. In the village he is known for keeping ties with practitioners of tantric rituals and several unsuccessful attempts to abduct children.


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