I'm 39-Year-Old Virgin Tired Of Waiting For "The One", What Do I Do?

I'm 39-Year-Old Virgin Tired Of Waiting For "The One", What Do I Do?

Waiting and saving your virginity for the one and only lifetime partner has always been commendable. However, the "waiting" part may take way longer than we expect... and the whole situation starts to feel rather awkward. Our reader - whose name we won't publish for obvious reasons - sent this letter to info@naij.com, asking for advice. Please read her story and suggest your options.

I am a woman of 39 years of age... and still a virgin.

On my 16th birthday, I made a chastity pledge in my church, promising not to lose virginity until I get married. Over two decades later, and I am still a virgin.

I made this promise to my God, and it was important for my own personal, spiritual, moral and ethical needs. I really wanted my first to be somebody I married. Or at least somebody I had a real, committed, long-term  relationship with. So, that never happened, and it just got awkward trying to lose my virginity. I was scared if I gave it up somebody might just hit it and quit it.

Every time I met somebody I thought might be "the one" I ended up being cheated on or sold a bunch of lies.

To be completely honest, I should confess that I've made out with guys before, I masturbate and my hymen is history. I just have never gone all the way. Should I just give up waiting endlessly for "the one" and get it over with with just anyone? Or should I wait a little longer?

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