Giant Wave Sweeps Dancing Woman Into Sea in Spain

Giant Wave Sweeps Dancing Woman Into Sea in Spain

There's certainly been better times to choose to have a dance on the beach - and this unfortunate woman may regret choosing this moment, Spain.

This is the moment a woman got swept away by a huge wave after she taunted mother nature.

The swimsuit-clad woman noticed the surge of water but rather than running like her accomplices, she flung her arms out and started doing a dance.

She only tried to run away after realising how fast the wave was travelling, but while her friend made it to high ground, she got swept off her feet.

Shocked onlookers watched her fight to keep her head above water as the wave carried her along the Sardinero beach in Spain's city of Santander in Cantabria.

Luckily she was only dragged for a short amount of time before making it back on to land.

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