My Mother-In-Law Didn't Follow My Advice, I Lost Everything.

My Mother-In-Law Didn't Follow My Advice, I Lost Everything.

Marriage doesn't only mean endless love and bliss. The couple would often find themselves facing multiple problems, and financial issues are among the hardest ones to agree upon. Our reader lost everything because his mother-in-law didn't follow his advice. Please, read his story and offer him your advice.

I have been working for 6 years now and got married early last year. My wife wasn't working yet so I took up all my savings and even got some loan from friends to start up a business for her.

She was under her mother so as not make mistake since this is a distribution business as she supplies to retail sellers.

The business thrived for for months, and I was so happy that I made good decision and that God has visited my home. I refused to buy property so as to see that the business prospered.

I told them to ensure that they pay their daily collection in their bank accounts and even helped to open accounts in other banks for safety of the funds.

But it seems my in-law prefered to keep the money in her shop, and my wife seemed to trust her actions.

The whole money was stolen in her shop. For 8 months, my mother-in-law had been hiding it from me and my wife and telling me that the money was paid in the suppliers' account.

Brethren, I'm devastated. I need advice. I can't even pay my rent now, and those I collected loan from are on me for their money. If my employer decides to do anything funny I will be as poor as the grass.

I have decided not to talk to my in-law since I begged her for 8 months to tell me the truth but she refused. I was only called by the priest 3 days ago and given the information.


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