Woman Delivers Baby With Mysterious Islamic Sign Shaped Ears (PHOTOS)

Woman Delivers Baby With Mysterious Islamic Sign Shaped Ears (PHOTOS)

When the little Mahmud Kosija was delivered by his mother, Hajia Abibat Kosija two months ago, he came to this world with mysteries which had been attracting several residents of Ondo Kingdom and its neighbouring communities to their family house at Igbomoba Street, beside a central mosque.

Mahmud, a son of an Islamic cleric was said to have been born with a strange ear-shape, with an Islamic inscription.

Interestingly, it is said that the new-born  baby was shouting “Allah” “Allah”’ immediately as he was delivered at the Mother and Child Hospital in Ondo Town.

As soon as mother had been discharged from the hospital, the house of the baby's family has become something like mecca. A large crowd came to see the miraculous ear with Islamic inscription meaning, “Allahu” in Islamic parlance.

The boy's father named him Alfa Ibrahim Kosija and described his birth as the handiwork of Allah.

He explained that the shape of the ear which appeared like an Islamic inscription of “Allah” in the holy Quran was an indication of the message of God that the end of the world was gradually coming close.

According to the Islamic cleric, apart from the shape of the ear, the birth of the baby was a sign that the world was gradually coming to an end. He stressed that apart from being born on Muslim holy day, Friday, the time the baby was born was also apt in Islam (12, noon).

He added that the baby’s cry of “Allah, Allah” after birth attracted the attention of people at the hospital to the labour room before the shape of the ear was later discovered by the nurses, after which the baby used his left hand side to cover the ear.

Corroborating Kosija’s comment, an Ondo town based Islamic cleric, Sheik Abdulakeem Abeeblah, attributed the shape of the ear which he said means Allah in Islamic parlance. He called on all Muslims to fear God and refrain from committing sins that could prevent them from entering the kingdom of God.

Meanwhile mother confesses that the boy's behaviour is quite unusual of babies of his age.

Not only is he crying during specific period of the day especially during the early Morning Prayer, popularly called “Tajuud” in Islamic religion, the boy is often noticed covering the strange ear with his left hand, mother says.

Commenting on the development, an Ondo based Medical Doctor, Olu Ojo described the shape of the ear which has an Islamic inscription as unusual. He noted that it was formed as a result of deformity in the congenital process in the embryo.

Dr Olu Ojo, while ruling out any other meaning in the shape of the ear which he said appeared so strange,added that it could occur to non-Muslim or even Christian.

Source: Legit.ng

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