5 Reasons Men Date But Never Marry Beautiful Women

5 Reasons Men Date But Never Marry Beautiful Women

Have you ever wondered why in most cases, girlfriends and mistresses of some men tend to be more beautiful than their wives?

In a study, led by Anthony Little from the University of Stirling and Benedict Jones from the University of Glasgow, it shows that men looking for a quick fling prefer women with more “feminine” facial features.

5 Reasons Men Date But Never Marry Beautiful Women

Most men see beautiful women especially if they lack nice personalities as being only useful as girlfriends or mistresses and not as wives. Yes, men do worship beautiful women but they never marry them.

From having to deal with hate from fellow females who they feel are not as beautiful as they are, to fighting against insecure men, gorgeous women seem to have all the odds stacked against them.

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Here are 5 reasons men date but never marry beautiful women:

1. Most men generally fear them. The only men who have courage to hit on them are players. Unfortunately, they only use and dump them.

2. Beautiful women tend to bare it all at a go. Most are good looking from afar but when you take a closer look at them, they are actually far from good. In most cases, their looks don't last long. Their beauty puts them on a high pedestal, exposing them to tight scrutiny in search of flaws. They throw their weight around, assuming beauty compensates for their shortcomings.

5 Reasons Men Date But Never Marry Beautiful Women

3. Men find such types only good as mistresses. Their reason been that sleeping with beautiful women offers them different skills in bed. When vetted for wife material, most beautiful women fail. These women instill a sense of insecurity in men, which turns them into guard dogs. Considering the rate at which randy men hit on them, their chances of succumbing to temptations and straying tends to be high.

4. Most beautiful women have high maintenance cost, which, in most cases, doesn’t measure up when scrutinised in a cost-benefit analysis. They like expensive gifts and exotic holiday trips but in return offer bad sex and are horrible cooks.

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5. Some are never ready to give birth to more than one child for fear of losing their hour-glass figures.

So when it comes to looking for a wife men prefer to explore the hidden potentials of less attractive women. Women who are less attractive are looked down on and get less attention. Unlike their beautiful counterparts who have big egos that require constant massaging. They have compensated for their average looks by developing personalities men find valuable like being great listeners and amazing cooks.

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