‘My Husband Proposed To Me In Two Weeks’ – Omoni Oboli

‘My Husband Proposed To Me In Two Weeks’ – Omoni Oboli

They say "when you know, you know", and Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli's beau knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her two weeks into their relationship.

The ‘Figurine’ and ‘Anchor Baby‘ actress talks about her job, her children and of course her marriage in a recent interview;

On how she found her way into acting:

 I was a ‘waka pass’ in my first experience. I played a secretary in one movie and Liz Benson‘s maid in another movie, ‘Shame‘. For me, any role was better than no role. I was too excited to be in the movies to worry about what role I played, and I was protected then by the producers and actors who saw my talent and were all too willing to give me the chance I needed to get ahead in the industry. I remember Opa Williams always making sure that I was okay and that I wasn’t being harassed by anyone. Those early days were just fun and goofing around for me. I was just passionate about being in the movies and when Fidelis Duker gave me the lead role in two of his movies, ‘Not my Will‘ and ‘Destined to Die‘, I was elated. This opened the door for Hilda Dokubo to give me the lead in her own production, ‘Another campus tale‘. I wonder where those movies are now? I would love to have a copy myself.

Her love story:

I met him when I first started acting in Lagos in 1996, but just for about a few minutes. He later found me four years later in my final year and we started dating. He proposed to me two weeks into our relationship and the rest is history. There’s a great love story there somewhere. (Laughs) He must have rocked my world to the point of me saying yes, because I was just 21 years old! Many felt I was too young, but I thank God that their opinion didn’t sway my decision.

On why she enjoys showing off her husband:

I don’t see it as flaunting. My husband is also my best friend and I can’t imagine going to functions without my best friend, so we are always together. Everyone has what works for them, and my colleagues don’t have to be seen with their husbands to show that their marriages work or not. That’s their decision, but mine is what it is and we like it that way. It doesn’t make the husband who doesn’t like being seen publicly with his celebrity wife a bad husband, and it doesn’t follow that the best marriages are the ones that flaunt their husbands, but mine works for me.

Coping with being a mum and being an actress:

I have help! My children are big boys and my husband handles things when I’m not around. He also throws his hands in the air whenever I’m around. (Laughs) Once I step into the house, anything that’s needed to be done in the home goes to mummy. With God all things are possible, and the foundation of our home is in Christ, so we make it work for us and God gives us the grace.

Advice for couple:

Change your focus from yourself to God and your spouse and communicate with each other so that things don’t get out of hand because of things unsaid. Many problems in marriage come from the selfishness of wanting to gratify only our needs without weighing the effects of those desires on the relationship. Sacrifices keep us from taking the wrong step and making the irreparable decisions that end marriages so make them when it is in your power to do so for the sake of the spouse you swore to love and cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do you part.

Source: Legit.ng

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