Nine Clever Tricks To Make Dating Easier

Nine Clever Tricks To Make Dating Easier

Who wouldn't want to make dating easier? We came up with 9 clever tricks to make any date way smoother. These effortless moves are guaranteed to make your date a success.

9. See A Comedy Show, Or A Movie: It's a surefire conversation starter. "Can you believe he said that?!" or "What joke would you tell if you had to perform stand-up?" "Did you like the movie's soundtrack?"

8. Touch Her Hand: If you want to kiss her but you're not sure if she's into it or not, very subtly caress the back of her hand with the back of yours -- just a casual brush-by. This is the most non-invasive and subtle way to touch her -- while walking, just reach out and rub her hand gently. Or reach across the table and do the same thing. If she doesn't pull away, it's probably a go.

7. Figure Out Her Favorite Food: Ask her what her favorite food is, and no matter what her answer, say you know the best place for that in the city and that's where you're taking her on your second date. If you don't really know of a place in advance, just say it's a surprise and do your research later. Regardless, you'll have secured a second date.

6. Get The Bill: Tackle the bill while you are up to go to the bathroom. That way there's no fuss over who's paying and she doesn't have to do the pretend-to-reach-into-her-purse move. It's just less awkward. And it's a nice thing to do on date numero uno.

5. The Eye Contact Trick: When keeping good eye contact, alternate your focus from eye to eye. Supposedly, it creates a sparkle in your eye and it's a good way to avoid dead stares.

4. Bring A Blanket: This is only relevant if you planned an outdoor date. Walking along the water, going for a picnic, biking... You'll only gain points if you're well prepared. Obviously, if you bring a blanket to a movie theater or a restaurant, she'll probably just think you're a creep.

3. Buy A Lottery Ticket Together: If you're walking by a corner store, go in and buy a lottery ticket together. It will make for great banter on the date. You can hypothesize on what you guys should do with the money when you win and where you should go. It gives you great text-flirt banter for post-date, and you get to check the numbers together.

2. Lend Her Something: What if you meet a girl through friends or at a party that you know you desperately need to see again, but you're not ready to formally ask her out right away? Or what if you're already on the date but you feel awkward bringing up a second date so soon? If you lend her something, like a book, or your umbrella, you'll have a built-in reason to see her again.

1. Switch The Order Of Things: How many times have you spent an hour and a half at a restaurant, staring blankly across the table from your date, wracking your brain for something to talk about? We've got the brilliant and simple answer to this dating dilemma. Take her to a movie instead of the other way around, That way, you'll have more topics to discuss.


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