Cute Korean boy names and meanings

Cute Korean boy names and meanings

Among the most critical tasks of any new parent is selecting the perfect name for their child. All parents intend to give their kids the best names. The names should be beautiful, unique, as well as meaningful. Korean boy names are among the most commonly used nowadays.

korean male names and meanings

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Bear in mind the fact that once you pick a Korean name, it is usually written in hanja. Hanja is a Korean term meaning Chinese characters. Korean names can have various hanja meanings according to how they are written in hanja. Thus, once you pick out Korean boy names, ensure that you know the hanja meanings of those names.

Korean boy names and meanings

korean guy names

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If you do not know any names that you could call your child, consider some of these Korean guy names. Consider the meaning before picking out a name for your baby.

  • Baek Hyeon: Baek is 'older brother' while Hyeon stands for 'virtuous or worthy'; the name therefore means 'virtuous brother'
  • Beom Seok: Beom means 'pattern', 'rule' or 'model' whereas Seok stands for 'like a rock'; 'pattern of a rock'
  • Bae: Inspiration
  • Bong: Mythical bird
  • Bong-Ju: Means 'post', 'pillar' or 'support'
  • Bon-Hwa: Glorious one
  • Bo-Seon: Charitable, kind, virtuous, or good
  • Bitgaram: Light river
  • Byeong-Cheol: Sagacious or wise
  • Byeong-Su: Conserve, guard, protect, defend
  • Cho: Handsome
  • Chin-Hae: Ocean depth or truth
  • Chin-Hwa: The wealthiest and most prosperous of all
  • Chin-Mae: A truthful person
  • Chul: Firm; not hard nor soft
  • Chung Ae: Love and noble
  • Chung-Ho: A righteous lake
  • Chung-Hee: Dutiful and righteous
  • Dae: The great one; shining
  • Dae-Ho: A great personality, great
  • Dae-Hyun: Honour and great
  • Dae-Jung: Honest, great and righteous
  • Dak-Ho: Deep lake
  • Doh: Accomplishment
  • Du-Ho: Head and goodness
  • Geon: To construct, strong or respect.
  • Gi: Brave or foundation
  • Gook: Nation
  • Haneul: Heavenly
  • Hak-Kun: Rooted in intelligence
  • Hee: Brightness
  • Hei: Wisdom
  • Ho: Goodness; lake
  • Hwan: Bright
  • Hye: An intelligent and bright man
  • Hyuk: Radiant
  • Hyun: Bright, intelligent or virtuous
  • Hyun Ki: Wise, clever, shrewd, astute, expert or intelligent
  • Hyun Shik: Brilliant, smart or clever
  • Il: Superiority
  • In: Humanity; wise
  • In-Su: Preserving wisdom
  • Iseul: Dew
  • Jae-Hwa: Rich and prosperity
  • Jee: Wisdom
  • Ji: Wisdom
  • Jin: Jewel; truth
  • Joo-Won: Original
  • Joon: Extremely talented
  • Jum: Ruler or king
  • Jung: A virtuous man
  • Jung-Hwa: Upright and rich
  • Kang-Dae: Strong and mighty
  • Korain: Glorious and luminous
  • Kwan: Strong one
  • Kwang-Sun: Generally good
  • Kwang: Wild

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Popular Korean boy names

korean boys names

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North Korea, South Korea, Jeju Island, and several other mini islands together constitute the Korean peninsula. The population of Korea includes natives from the neighbouring countries too. Thus, the influence of China and Japan is seen on Korean names and surnames. The folowing list includes a mix of popular and common Korean names for boys:

  • Mal-Chin: Persists to the end
  • Kyong: Brightness
  • Min-Jun: Handsome, sharp, quick, clever, and talented
  • Myung: Clear and bright
  • Myung-Dae: Great righteousness
  • Sam: Third in order
  • Sang: Mutual
  • Sang-Ook: Always well
  • Seung: Successor or winning
  • Shin: Belief
  • So: Smile
  • Soo: Long life or excellence
  • Sang-Ook: One who is always healthy and well
  • Seo-Jun: Auspicious
  • Seok: Like a rock
  • Suk: Stone or rock
  • Suk-Chin: Meaning unshakable rock
  • Sung: Finished or complete
  • Tae: A great individual
  • Tae-Geun: Foundation or root
  • Tae-Hui: Superior, great, big
  • Tae-U: Foolish, stupid, or great and exalted
  • Tae-Hyeong: Exalted, superior, big
  • Won-Shik: Means 'the head of the family'
  • Yong-Sun: Dragon in first position
  • Young: Forever unchanging
  • Young-Jae: Stands for one destined to be forever prosperous
  • Young-Soo: Keeping prosperity

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The naming tradition of Koreans

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Some Koreans usually follow the tradition of giving children a generation name. This is a tradition that originated in China. Most Korean family names come from a single syllable which is dependent on the individual’s generation. In South and North Korea, the surname and generation level precedes the person’s first name. For example, two cousins from one generation may be named Ahn Jaemo or Ahn Yujin, Ahn being the generational family name. The other generation’s family name will come from a different syllable. Highlighted below are some of the top Korean last names and surnames and what they mean.

  • Ahn: Tranquility
  • Bae: Pear
  • Bai: White or something pure
  • Byun: Impatient, excitable, border or edge
  • Cha: Chariot
  • Chai: Brushwood or firewood
  • Chang: Flourishing or prosperous
  • Cheong: Gentle or quiet
  • Chin: Ancient or exhibit
  • Choi/Choe: Lofty or high tower
  • Chong: Extend or stretch
  • Chun: Field
  • Do: Roadway or path
  • Gim: Gold
  • Ha: Grand or summer
  • Han: Leader or country
  • Ho: Fierce or brave
  • Hong: Great or expand
  • Hyun: Mysterious or profound
  • Jee: Ambition or will
  • Jin: Gold
  • Jun: Handsome
  • Kang: Ginger
  • Kil: Cool
  • Kwon: Authority or power
  • Mong: Ignorance or suffer

From the above list of Korean boy names, you can pick out one that you fancy most and name your child. Choose a name with a meaning that will challenge your child to fit his character.

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