150+ Korean boy names and meanings: Cute, unique and popular

150+ Korean boy names and meanings: Cute, unique and popular

North and South Korea are known for a myriad of things, including technological advancement, amazing street food, skincare trends, and excellent internet connectivity. In addition to all those, the countries are also known for their unmistakably beautiful Asian names. So, what are some great Korean boy names to give your child, and what do they mean?

popular Korean boy names
A cute Korean baby boy. Photo: pixabay.com, @kim881231
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Like with other cultures, Korean names often carry some meanings behind them.

Top Korean boy names to give your son

What are some great Korean boy names? Here is a look at cool, unique, common, and profound Korean boy names and meanings.

Korean boy names starting with A

  • Ahn: Tranquility
  • Ae-Cha: Caring and loving

Korean boy names starting with B

  • Bae: Inspiration or pear
  • Baekhyun: Clever and shining
  • Bai: White or something pure
  • Beom Seok: Model, rule, or pattern.
  • Bitgaram: Shining River
  • Bong: Mythical bird
  • Bong-ju: Means post, pillar or support
  • Bon-hwa: Glorious one
  • Bo-seon: Charitable, kind, virtuous, or good
  • Byeong-cheol: Sagacious or wise
  • Byeong-su: Conserve, guard, protect, or defend
  • Byun: Easily excitable

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Korean male names that start with C

Here are some Korean boy names that start with C.

  • Cha: Chariot
  • Chai: Brushwood or firewood
  • Chang: Flourishing or prosperous
  • Chan-yeol: Bright, vivid, or ardent.
  • Cheong: Gentle or quiet
  • Chin: Ancient or exhibit
  • Chin-hae: Ocean depth, or truth
  • Chin-hwa: One who is wealthy and prosperous
  • Chin-mae: A truthful person
  • Cho: Handsome
  • Choi/Choe: Lofty or high tower
  • Chong: Extend or stretch
  • Chul: Firm; not hard nor soft
  • Chun: Field
  • Chung Ae: Love and noble
  • Chung-hee: Dutiful and righteous
  • Chung-ho: A righteous lake

Korean boy names starting with D

cool Korean boy names
A young Korean boy eating grapes. Photo: pixabay.com, @selovekt
Source: UGC
  • Dae: The great one, shining
  • Dae-ho: A great personality, great
  • Dae-hyun: Big, great, or one who is a showoff
  • Dae-jung: Honest, great and righteous
  • Dae-yun: Honour and great
  • Dak-ho: Deep lake
  • Do: Roadway or path
  • Doh: Accomplishment
  • Don-geun: Root or foundation
  • Du-ho: Head and goodness
  • Duri: Means two

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Korean boy names starting with E

  • Eun: Affection, charity, or mercy
  • Eun-seong: Abundant or flourishing in truth

Korean boy names starting with G

  • Ga-eul: Autumn
  • Ga-ram: River
  • Geon: To construct or respect
  • Gi: Brave or foundation
  • Gim: Gold
  • Gook: Nation
  • Gyeong-tae: Large or ‘one who is great.’
  • Gyeong-taek: Shining pond
  • Gyeong-wan: Pure and shining

Popular Korean boy names starting with H

Not a fan of extremely rare names? Do not worry; here are some common Korean baby boy names starting with H.

  • Ha: Grand or summer
  • Hae-il: Sun or sea
  • Hak-kun: Rooted in intelligence
  • Han: Leader or country
  • Haneul: Heaven or sky
  • Han-wool: heavenly.
  • Hee: Brightness
  • Hee-chul: Happiness
  • Hei: Wisdom
  • Him-chan: The strong one
  • Ho: Fierce or brave
  • Hong: Great or expand
  • Ho-Seok: Tiger, heroic, or abundant
  • Hwan: Shining happiness.
  • Hye: One who is intelligent and bright
  • Hyuk: Radiant
  • Hyuk-jae: One whose talent shines
  • Hyun Ki: Shrewd or astute
  • Hyun Shik: Smart and clever
  • Hyun: Bright
  • Hyungsik: Effort for justice
  • Hyung-won: Distant brother
  • Hyun-woo: The prominent one

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Korean boy names starting with I

  • Il: One who is superior
  • In: Wise being
  • In-Su: The preserver of wisdom

Cool Korean boy names starting with J

cute Korean boy names
A Korean baby boy with his mother. Photo: pexels.com, @RODNAE Productions
Source: UGC

The letter 'J' is quite common in the Korean language. Here are some nice-sounding, common Korean boy names that start with ‘J.’

  • Jae-Hwa: Rich and prosperous
  • Jee: The ambitious one
  • Jae-bong: Mythical bird
  • Jae-hyuk: Shining leather
  • Jee-min: One who is blessed with wisdom and purpose
  • Jeong-hui: Splendid and gentle
  • Ji: A variant of Jee that means wisdom
  • Jin: The jewel of truth
  • Ji-su: Beautiful and luxurious
  • Ji-won: Beauty of the earth
  • Joon: Extremely talented
  • Joo-Won: Original
  • Jum: Ruler or king
  • Jun: Handsome
  • Jung: One who is virtuous
  • Jung-Hwa: Upright and rich
  • Jung-kook: Ruler of nations

Korean boy names starting with K

  • Kang: Ginger
  • Kang-Dae: Strong and mighty
  • Kil: Cool
  • Korain: Glorious and luminous
  • Kwan: Strong one
  • Kwang-Sun: Generally good
  • Kwon: Authority or power
  • Kyong: Brightness
  • Kyung Can: Respect or nice scenery

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Korean boy names starting with M

popular Korean boy names
A Korean boy holding an apple. Photo: pixabay.com, @kimminjung
Source: UGC
  • Mal-chin: One who is persistent
  • Min-jun: Sharp and talented
  • Myung: Clear and bright
  • Myung-dae: Great righteousness

Korean boy names starting with N

  • Nam: King or ruler
  • Na-moo: means tree, wood, or firewood
  • Na-ra: Nation or kingdom
  • Nam-Gil: My way.
  • Nam-Joon: King of the south

Korean boy names starting with P

  • Pu-Reum: This one means 'the blue one.'

Korean boy names starting with S

  • Sam: The third in order
  • Sang: Mutual
  • Sang-hoon: Benevolent
  • Sang-hun: One who is still
  • Sang-ook: One who is always healthy and well
  • Seo-jun: Auspicious and talented
  • Seok: Like a rock
  • Seong-su: Sacred, holy, or water
  • Seung: Successor or winning
  • Shin: Belief
  • Si-u: Divine intervention
  • So: The smiley one
  • Son Ho Jun: One who is brave and fierce
  • Soo: Long life or excellence
  • Su-jin: Precious and rare
  • Suk: Stone or rock
  • Suk-Chin: Means unshakable rock
  • Sung: Finished or complete
  • Sung-hyun: Completed and worthy

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Korean boy names starting with T

  • Tae: The exalted one
  • Tae-geun: Good foundation
  • Tae-hui: Big or superior
  • Tae-hyeong: Supremacy
  • Tae-u: Great and exalted

Unique Korean boy names starting with U

Korean boy names and meanings
A young Korean boy with a book. Photo: pixabay.com, @modernseoul
Source: UGC

The letter 'U' is not commonly used at the beginning of names in Korea. There are a few not-so-common but still cute Korean boy names. If you are looking for a male name that stands out, here are two options to consider.

  • U-jin: The genuine one
  • U-ram: Imposing and stately

Korean boy names starting with W

  • When Yeong: Shadow and reflection
  • Won-shik: Head of the family

Cute boy names from Korea starting with Y

Here are some beautiful Korean male names starting with the letter 'Y.'

  • Ye-jun: Talented in the crafts
  • Yeong-gi: Glory and honor
  • Yeong-ho: Hero, numerous, or vast
  • Yong-sun: Dragon in the first position
  • Yoon-gi: gloss or shine.
  • Young: Forever unchanging
  • Young-jae: One destined to be prosperous
  • Young-soo: Keeping prosperity
  • Yun-seo: A gender-neutral name meaning consent or allow.

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There are numerous Korean boy names, ranging from the unique ones, the profound ones, to the highly popular ones. When choosing one, it is essential to consider the meaning behind the name and decide whether or not it matches the character you would want for your child.

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