170+ Korean boy names and meanings: Cute, unique and popular

170+ Korean boy names and meanings: Cute, unique and popular

North and South Korea are known for a myriad of things, including flawless skincare trends, technological advancement, and amazing street food. In addition, the countries are also known for their unmistakably beautiful Asian names. What are some great Korean boy names to give your child, and what do they mean?

Korean boy names
Korean boy names. Photo: pixabay.com, @kim881231
Source: UGC

Like other cultures, Korean names often carry some meanings behind them. Discover some cute, unique and popular Korean boy names for your little boy today.

Top Korean boy names to give your son

Below is a look at cool, unique, common, and popular Korean boy names and their meanings.

Korean boy names starting with A - C

Below are cute Korean boy names starting with the first three letters of the alphabet.

  • Ahn: Tranquility
  • Ae-Cha: Caring and loving
  • Bae: Inspiration or pear
  • Baekhyun: Clever and shining
  • Baek Hyeon: Worthy and virtuous
  • Bai: White or something pure
  • Beom Seok: Model, rule, or pattern
  • Bitgaram: Shining river
  • Bong: Mythical bird
  • Bong-ju: Means post, pillar or support
  • Bon-hwa: Glorious one
  • Bora: Excellent or snow
  • Bo-seon: Charitable, kind, virtuous, or good
  • Byeong-cheol: Sagacious or wise
  • Byeong-su: Conserve, guard, protect, or defend
  • Byun: Easily excitable
  • Cha: Chariot
  • Chai: Brushwood or firewood
  • Chang: Flourishing or prosperous
  • Chan-yeol: Bright, vivid, or ardent
  • Cheong: Gentle or quiet
  • Chin: Ancient or exhibit
  • Chin-hae: Ocean depth or truth
  • Chin-hwa: One who is wealthy and prosperous
  • Chin-mae: A truthful person
  • Cho: Handsome
  • Choi/Choe: Lofty or high tower
  • Chong: Extend or stretch
  • Chul: Firm or not hard nor soft
  • Chul-Moo: An iron weapon
  • Chun: Field
  • Chung Ae: Love and noble
  • Chung-hee: Dutiful and righteous
  • Chung-ho: A righteous lake

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Cute Korean boy names
Cute Korean boy names. Photo: pixabay.com, @selovekt
Source: UGC

Unique Korean boy names starting with the letters D - G

Check out these cool Korean boy names starting with the letters D - G.

  • Dae: The great one or shining
  • Dae-ho: A great personality
  • Dae-hyun: Big, great, or one who is a showoff
  • Dae-jung: Honest, great and righteous
  • Dae-yun: Honour and great
  • Dak-ho: Deep lake
  • Do: Roadway or path
  • Do Yoon: Path or to give consent
  • Do-yun: Path, way, or roadway
  • Doh: Accomplishment
  • Don-geun: Root or foundation
  • Duck-Hwan: Return of the virtue
  • Duck-Young: Unchanging and everlasting
  • Du-ho: Head and goodness
  • Duri: Means two
  • Eun: Affection, charity, or mercy
  • Eun-seong: Abundant or flourishing in truth
  • Eun-woo: Kindness, mercy, and charity
  • Ga-eul: Autumn
  • Ga-ram: River
  • Geon: To construct or respect
  • Gi: Brave or foundation
  • Gim: Gold
  • Gyeong: Scenery
  • Gyeong-tae: Large or one who is great
  • Gyeong-taek: Shining pond
  • Gyeong-wan: Pure and shining

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What is the cutest Korean boy name?
What is the cutest Korean boy name? Photo: pexels.com, @Rodnae Productions
Source: UGC

Popular Korean boy names starting with the letters H - I

Not a fan of extremely rare names? Do not worry. Here are some common Korean baby boy names starting with the letters H to I.

  • Ha: Grand or summer
  • Ha-joon: Summer or talented
  • Ha-Jun: Summer or to approve
  • Hae-il: Sun or sea
  • Hak-kun: Rooted in intelligence
  • Han: Leader or country
  • Haneul: Heaven or sky
  • Han-wool: Heavenly
  • Hee: Brightness
  • Hee-chul: Happiness
  • Hei: Wisdom
  • Him-chan: The strong one
  • Ho: Fierce or brave
  • Hong: Great or expand
  • Ho-Seok: Tiger, heroic, or abundant
  • Hoon: To teach
  • Hwan: Shining happiness.
  • Hye: One who is intelligent and bright
  • Hyeon-Ju: Virtuous or worthy
  • Hyeon-U: Virtuous or worthy
  • Hyuk: Radiant
  • Hyuk-jae: One whose talent shines
  • Hyun Ki: Shrewd or astute
  • Hyun Shik: Smart and clever
  • Hyun: Bright
  • Hyungsik: Effort for justice
  • Hyung-won: Distant brother
  • Hyun-woo: The prominent one
  • Il: One who is superior
  • Il-Seong: Complete or success
  • In: Wise being
  • In-Su: The preserver of wisdom
  • Iseul: Dew

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Unique Korean boy names
Unique Korean boy names. Photo: pexels.com, @Min An
Source: UGC

Cool Korean boy names starting with J and K

The letters J and K are quite common in the Korean language. Here are some nice-sounding, common Korean boy names that start with these two letters of the alphabet.

  • Jae-Hwa: Rich and prosperous
  • Jee: The ambitious one
  • Jae-bong: Mythical bird
  • Jae-hyuk: Shining leather
  • Jee-min: One who is blessed with wisdom and purpose
  • Jeong-hui: Splendid and gentle
  • Ji: A variant of Jee that means wisdom
  • Jii: Wisdom or sign of intelligence
  • Ji-ho: Wisdom, knowledge, or intelligence
  • Jin: The jewel of truth
  • Ji-su: Beautiful and luxurious
  • Ji-won: Beauty of the earth
  • Ji-Yeong: Wisdom or intellect
  • Jong-Su: Lineage or ancestry
  • Joon: Extremely talented
  • Joo-Won: Original
  • Ju-won: First or origin
  • Joon Woo: Handsome or talented
  • Jum: Ruler or king
  • Jun: Handsome
  • Jung: One who is virtuous
  • Jung-Hwa: Upright and rich
  • Jung-kook: Ruler of nations
  • Kang: Ginger
  • Kang-Dae: Strong and mighty
  • Ki: The one who has arisen
  • Kil: Cool
  • Kim: gold, metal, or iron
  • Korain: Glorious and luminous
  • Kwan: Strong one
  • Kwang: Wild
  • Kwang-Sun: Generally good
  • Kwon: Authority or power
  • Kyong: Brightness
  • Kyubok: One who is blessed by God
  • Kyung Can: Respect or nice scenery

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popular Korean boy names
A Korean boy holding an apple. Photo: pixabay.com, @kimminjung
Source: UGC

Korean boy names starting with the letters M - S

Below are good Korean names starting with the letters M to S and their meanings.

  • Mal-chin: One who is persistent
  • Man-Shik: Deeply rooted in something
  • Man-Young: Ten thousand years of prosperity
  • Min: Quick and clever
  • Min Joon: Talented or handsome
  • Min-jun: Sharp and talented
  • Myung: Clear and bright
  • Myung-dae: Great righteousness
  • Nam: King or ruler
  • Na-moo: means tree, wood, or firewood
  • Na-ra: Nation or kingdom
  • Nam-Gil: My way.
  • Nam-Joon: King of the south
  • Pu-Reum: The blue one
  • Ryung: Brightness
  • Sam: The third in order
  • Sang: Mutual
  • Sang-hoon: Benevolent
  • Sang-hun: One who is still
  • Sang-ook: One who is always healthy and well
  • Seo-jun: Auspicious and talented
  • Seok: Like a rock
  • Seong-Ho: Abundance or flourishing
  • Seong-Jin: Star or planet
  • Seong-Min: A quick/ clever character or nature
  • Seong-su: Sacred, holy, or water
  • Seung: Successor or winning
  • Shik: Planting seeds
  • Shin: Belief
  • Si-u: Divine intervention
  • Si-woo: To begin
  • So: The smiley one
  • Son Ho Jun: One who is brave and fierce
  • Soo: Long life or excellence
  • Su-Bin: Beautiful, elegant, outstanding, or refined
  • Su-jin: Precious and rare
  • Suk: Stone or rock
  • Suk-Chin: Means unshakable rock
  • Sung: Finished or complete
  • Sung-hyun: Complete and worthy

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What are good names for Korean boys?
What are good names for Korean boys? Photo: pixabay.com, @modernseoul
Source: UGC

Korean boy names starting with the letters T to Z

These are a few not-so-common but still cute Korean boy names starting with the letters T to Z. If you are looking for a male name that stands out, check out these options.

  • Tae: The exalted one
  • Tae-geun: Good foundation
  • Tae-hui: Big or superior
  • Tae-hyeong: Supremacy
  • Tae-u: Great and exalted
  • U-jin: The genuine one
  • U-ram: Imposing and stately
  • When Yeong: Shadow and reflection
  • Won-shik: Head of the family
  • Ye-jun: Talented in the crafts
  • Yeong: Brave, hero, petal, or flower
  • Yeong-gi: Glory and honour
  • Yeong-ho: Hero, numerous, or vast
  • Yeong-Hwan: Brilliant or shinning
  • Yong-sun: Dragon in the first position
  • Yoon-gi: gloss or shine
  • Young: Forever unchanging
  • Young-jae: One destined to be prosperous
  • Young-soo: Keeping prosperity
  • Yu-jun: King or ruler
  • Yun-seo: A gender-neutral name meaning consent or allow

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What are good names for Korean boys?

There are multiple amazing Korean male names to choose from. Check out the list above and choose the best one.

What is the cutest Korean boy name?

Some of the cutest boy names that are quite common include Jun-seo, Ju-won, Min-jun, Seo-jun, Seo-yun, Yi-jun, and Yu-jun.

What is the Korean male name for strong?

Him-chan, Kwan, and Kang-Dae are the male names for strength.

What Korean boy name means flower?

Yeong means petal or flower in Korean. It also means the brave or heroic one.

What are some Korean boy names with Lee?

Lee is officially transliterated as Yi in South Korea and Ri in North Korea. Therefore, there are no Korean boy names with Lee.

What are some Korean boy names with Kim?

About 20 percent of South Korea's population has the family name Kim. Kim is a popular surname on its own, not part of another name.

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There are numerous Korean boy names to choose from for your little one. When choosing the perfect one, it is essential to consider its meaning and if it portrays the character you would want them to adopt.

Legit.ng recently published beautiful names that mean love for you to name your child. Love is a universal language that both animals and humans understand.

It is an integral part of life and brings out the best in people. Love names can be a good choice when naming a child. These names are timeless and apply to all genders.

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