Throwback Thursday: Top 10 Janet Jackson Songs From 90s

Throwback Thursday: Top 10 Janet Jackson Songs From 90s

For Throwback Thursday this week, we take a look at American pop singer Janet Jackson, a scion of the famous Jackson family, who has been at the top of her game for decades and apart from a few breaks now and then is still keeping it real. takes you down memory lane with some of her best songs from the 90s.

1. That's The Way Love Goes (1990): From her fifth studio album, janet, it saw Jackson transitioning to sensual territory and demonstrating some romantic lust. The song's slow tempo infused with pop, R&B, and funk with flourishes of down tempo music will forever remain evergreen.


2 Love Will Never Do Without You(1990): The Billboard topping single was also from janet. It was written and produced by James Harris Ill and Terry Lewis as the seventh track on the album.

Together Again (1997): This song featured on Janet’s sixth studio album, The Velvet rope in 1997. It was written by Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Janet’s ex husband Rene Elizondo also did some of the writing. It was originally meant to be a ballad.

4. I Get Lonely (1998): This is also from her sixth studio album. It was released on February 1998. The song moved away from Jackson’s signature dance-pop into a more R&B vibe. The lyrics of the song expressed loneliness and desire for an old lover.

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5. Escapade (1990): It followed the iconic Rhythm Nation single. The video was shot at an exotic carnival setting which featured Janet’s trademark intense choreography.


6. Twenty Foreplay (1996): The song starts off as a soulful ballad and later switched to a mid-tempo R&B groove. The title is a play on the word ‘foreplay and 24hours a day’. The U.S. version of "Twenty Foreplay" is lengthier than the international version.

7. You Want This:  This song is about Jackson being told by her girls that a guy is watching and wanting her. Jackson proclaims if the guy wants to be with her, he has to work for it. The same version was used in its video that featured an additional rap verse from MC Lyte.

8. Come Back To Me / Alright (1990): In this lovely song off  her fourth studio album, Jackson talks about a lover trying to rekindle a romance that faded away a long time ago. She also recorded a Spanish version of the song titled "Vuelve a Mí". The song received positive reviews from most music critics around the world, who praised Jackson's lovely delivery and the song's instrumentation.

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If : It  fuses dance-pop, rock, trip hop and industrial music. with some elements of hip hop. It's racy lyrics were the major point of of discussion among critics, showcasing Jackson as a sexual personality away from her prior reserved, celibate image.

10: Go Deep (1998): An R&B song with funk elements. It's lyrics talk about Jackson's desire to go clubbing, get a man and take him home to make the man "scream and moan". Official remixes for the song were released, featuring Missy Elliott, Teddy Riley and Timberland.

The legendary singer is expected to released an album this year after a long time off. After two previous marriages to James DeBarge and Elizondo, the singer is currently married to Wissam Al Mana and recently revealed the discmfort she went through converting to Islam.


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