The Problem With Majek Fashek Is Not Drug - Orits Wiliki

The Problem With Majek Fashek Is Not Drug - Orits Wiliki

The health situation of legendary reggae artiste, Majek Fashek has been in the news for quite some time now and his rehabilitation moves were also underway.  

Another reggae artiste, Rassam Wiliki popularly known as Orits Wiliki has opened up on how he discovered Majek Fashek, produced his first demo and the real problem with the singer.

The Problem With Majek Fashek Is Not Drug - Orits Wiliki
Orits Wiliki

Wiliki in a recent interview revealed how sad he feels to see Majek Fashek in the kind of situation he is right now, and he promised not to throw him away explaining the efforts that have been put in place to revive him.

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When asked about the popular belief that drug caused Majek’s deteriorating health he said,

“His problem is beyond drugs; it is spiritual. Sometimes, if you have a one-on-one conversation with him, he would discuss with you as if nothing was wrong with him. I also think part of the problems is that he is not engaged. You know, an idle mind is the devil’s work­shop. If we put him in rehab and he finds something doing after he is okay, Majek will be well 100 per cent I can assure you. Even in his present condition, he still maintains the same aura on stage that he had when he was the rave. I believe that if he is busy going on music tours, there will be no problem”.

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He also insisted that he knew Majek was talented but never knew he was going to be this big.

“The first demo was done by three of us, James Etinon of Joseph Osayomore Band, Amos McGregor and I. I remember we used two box guitars and a Hausa musical instrument for the demo and the song came out beautiful. If we could enjoy the song the way we did it at that time that tells you Majek was bound to make

Majek has made a bold step in getting back to normal as he has fixed his bad looking set of teeth, checkout photos from the rehab. 


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