Cult Group Attack Landlord, Residents

Cult Group Attack Landlord, Residents

The landlord and residents have fled their house after cult group placed sacrifice in front of their house.

Cult Group Attack Landlord, Residents

The residents who occupied a house in Pipeline Way, Arepo, in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State deserted their home when some worshippers of oro were said to have been attacking the houses in that area.

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According to Punch, the Oro worshipers came at around 2 am bearing a tray of fetish sacrifice and dumped it in front of the house.

Mrs Yemisi Falola, the Landlady of the house narrated the ordeal and expressed her concern because her daughter was attacked as well

We have been living here since 1996 and our house is directly facing the community primary school.

“One of the teachers, called Reverend, and a youth leader, Rasaki Fashina, extended the school field to encroach on the road. They barricaded it with rolls of tyres. The reason is that they usually lease out the field for parties and they make money from the business.

“Because of this, motorists had no road to pass and most times, they have to take the frontage of our house. We called the attention of the community leaders to it, but we were ignored.

“On May 17, about 40 of them came to threaten me in the church. On June 2, I asked an electricity official to erect some poles for me, but they attacked and chased him away.”

The matter was said to have been reported to the police who invited both parties and for a while, peace reigned until members of the cult attacked again on Monday around 2 am.

According to a resident, “They were shouting, ‘Oro is carrying firewood, Iya Bukky (Yemisi) come out.’ Everybody was scared. We called the DPO that same night, and he said we should see him early that morning.

“On Tuesday night, they came again and dumped fetish things in front of the house. Today (Wednesday), around 2am, they came again. They broke the windscreen of the vehicle in the neighbourhood and left a big bowl of ritual sacrifice in front of our house.

“They also left behind a flag so that people would know they were the ones responsible.”

Mr Joseph Falola, the Landlord also corroborated what his wife said adding that the dame done was estimated to be around half a million.

Fashina, the youth leader was said to have denied the allegation and put the blame on the couples citing that they were stubborn and greedy.

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Their house is opposite a school. The woman of the house, however, wants to do five to six businesses at a time. She sells firewood, mould blocks and all kinds of things.

“We told her to remove her firewood, from the road, which was injurious to the children in the school. But she kept insisting that she had the right of way and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

“Is it possible for this woman alone to be fighting the whole community? We wrote a petition that she should remove all the obstructions on the road, but she refused.”

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