GPI Ranks Nigeria 2nd Most Deadly Country In The World

GPI Ranks Nigeria 2nd Most Deadly Country In The World

According to 2014 Global Peace Index, Nigeria is ranked the second most deadly country in the world after Iraq .

Such a rating is caused by frequent attacks by  Boko Haram in 2013 and 2014. Experiencing 140% increase in deaths to 4,392, Nigeria stays among the most violent countries to live in.

Index notes that Nigeria’s neighbour Cameroon recorded 191 deaths in 2014 compared to none the previous year.

The Global Peace Index puts Iraq in 162nd position, Egypt (149), Somalia (157), Sudan (158) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (160).

 The report puts the cost of violence around the world at a record $14.3 trillion in 2014.


Founder and executive chairman of Institute for Economics and Peace,  Steve Killelea said:  “Reducing conflict is a crucial plank in ensuring continued world economic recovery. If global violence were to decrease by 10 per cent uniformly, an additional US$1.43 trillion would effectively be added to the world economy. To put this in perspective, this is more than six times the total value of Greece’s bailout and loans from the IMF, ECB and other Eurozone countries combined.” 

The report says that since 2008 the total economic impact of violence has increased by US$1.9 trillion (+15.3%) while the economic impact from refugees and IDPs alone has increased by 267 % since 2008, and now amounts to US$128 billion.  The report also adds that military expenditure, homicide and police forces remain the most costly categories, accounting collectively for 68.3 per cent of the total cost.


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