Two Cooks Poison Family

Two Cooks Poison Family

Victor Hounkpe and David Amusu, two cooks from Benin Republic have been arrested by the police for poisoning their employers. 

According to Punch, the employers, Mr. Nwogu Chinaka, and his wife, Omowunmi, had to be transferred to a hospital outside the country after consuming the poisoned food.

Two Cooks Poison Family

The couples who live in Lekki were not the only ones that ate the food. It was gathered that the domestic staffs and the security guards also had to be rushed to the hospital after they became unconscious.

The incidence happened on April 2 at around 5pm when one of the cook, Hounkpe cooked a vegetable soup that every member of the household ate including the staffs.

The husband was the first to develop stomach ache and was rushed to the hospital by his wife when he collapsed. The wife also collapsed at the hospital gate too.

Two Cooks Poison Family

After the other members of the staff also collapsed too, the two cooks were said to have fled.

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The couple then wrote a petition to the Commissioner of Police, Kayode Aderanti, and the runaway cooks were apprehended after an investigation was opened by the Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba.

One of the cooks, Hounkpe claimed that their intention was not to kill the couples but to make them sleep so that their valuables could be stolen.

“I am from the Benin Republic. I came to Nigeria in 2007. I have always worked as a cook in Lagos. David was the agent who brought me to the couples’ house. He was the one who gave me the substance to put inside the soup. He told me the substance was a sleeping pill. The plan was that everyone would fall asleep.

“They wanted to steal gold and other valuables. I put the substance inside the vegetable soup. It was a powdery substance. I had worked with them for about a month. The couple did not offend us. They were to pay me N50,000 monthly. We just wanted them to sleep off. I ran to the Ogudu area after the incident to pick up another job. That was where I was arrested.”

The other cook, Amusa, revealed that the gang had planned to move in to begin raiding the apartment when it was found out that the couples had been rushed to the hospital.

I was a former cook in the house. I was the one who brought Victor (Hounkpe). On the fateful day, when Victor finished cooking the soup, he called me to say the job had been done. But then, we learnt that the couple was rushed to a hospital after falling unconscious. So, we fled the area.”

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The commissioner for police revealed that the cooks'  plan was to lead a gang of robbers in as soon as the couples had slept.

“They have both confessed to the crime. The couple has been flown abroad for treatment. I want the public to always be careful about the people they bring into their homes. In Lagos, there is no place for criminals to hide.”

Recently,  Ten people reportedly died and many others hospitalized after eating food at a wedding in the Nadangoro area of Katsina metropolis.


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