Meet Woman With 46cm Waist Who Wears Corset 6 Hours A Day

Meet Woman With 46cm Waist Who Wears Corset 6 Hours A Day

Meet a 20-year-old woman obsessed with a waist shrinking, who wears a corset for up to six hours a day four times a week and hopes to break the world record for the smallest waist, Essex, England, UK.

Romanie Smith has already managed to reduce he 63,5cm waist to 45,7cm by wearing steel corsets and doing waist-training exercises but for the stubborn woman the sky is the limit. Despite deformed internal organs and pain in her ribs the only thing she wants is to have the perfect hourglass figure and a 38cm waistline.

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Speaking about her obsession, Romanie says, she is aware of all damages corsets do to her health but is not going to stop, "Wearing a corset 24 hours a day all the time does tend to damage your ribs, it can bring them in, it can snap ribs, cause bruising and damage the bottom of your lungs. They are the problems that you can find if you are corseting to extremes and doing it too much - it is not advised that you do it like that.

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I guess because you don't see many people wearing corsets anymore so people are kind of shocked when you are wearing one. Some people say that my looks is disgusting and unnatural. Someone even said I must be starving myself. They say that I look anorexic but I am a small person I am not big so it doesn't make any difference. I just am small - and I eat like a horse. This is my body and I don't care what anybody else has to say."

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While spitpoisons are criticizing Romanie's  mania and appearance, the woman's family and friends are always here for her, they support her idea of becoming a real pin-up girl like Marilyn Monroe. Now she performs as a fetish model and hopes her efforts are not in vain as she beleives her new waist will rocket her career in a new direction.


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