11 Things Women Say That Men Misunderstand

11 Things Women Say That Men Misunderstand

You have probably tried learning different languages at different times but those are nothing compared to a woman’s language.

Women can be complex at times. They say one thing while they actually mean something else.

There’s no point kidding yourself that you will one day understand a woman’s complexity.

The thing is women and men are very different and both genders are guilty of misinterpreting each other's words and actions. This is because we speak two separate languages. Men are straight forward, they say what they mean. A woman on the other hand likes to beat around the bush and she expects you to read her mind.

For the men out there who can’t understand anything their women are saying to them, we explain to you what they really mean, though not all the time.

1 Fine: A lot of women use this word to end an argument when they don’t want to talk about it anymore. When a woman says, she could really be saying just shut up. Also, sometimes when a woman says I’m fine, she often is far from ok. What she really means is I’m not ok but I don’t want to talk about it. She could alos mean, “I’m still too upset to talk about the issue.

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2. Whatever: This is like ‘fine’ except that it is significantly worse. Most times, this spells trouble.

3. I don't want to talk right now: Sometimes, when a woman says that, she really doesn’t mean it. It is sometimes a passive way of getting a guy to pay attention as a sort of test. In other words, she's checking to see if he cares. A little prodding and the lady who says “I don’t want to talk right now, will be talking non stop.

4. You don’t care: She knows that you love her and you care so don’t get upset when she says that cause she means something else. What she actually means is that you have not shown how much you care in while and she needs to be reassured. Next time she says that, don’t get angry just shower her with enough tender loving care.

5. It’s really nothing: It is definitely something and she expects you to know what that something is. If you are not a mind reader and you don’t understand your woman, you’ll never guess what it really is.

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6. It’s Okay: This is one of those dangerous statements that women make. When she says it’s okay, she could really be mean, I’m taking my time to plot how to pay you back for whatever it is you have done. Most of the time, it is accompanied with ‘Fine’.

7. Yes Sir or Yes boss: Careful there, it’s not a sign of respect, she’s only being sarcastic. You may have said something to her and she goes like ‘Yes Sir’. It doesn’t mean she’ll do as you say, she just wants to kill that topic of discussion.

8. It’s up to you: You better be careful when she says that. It could be a test and your decision will be scrutinized and judged, especially when she gives you an idea and you are not buying it or you want to do something she’s not okay with. To make your decision, you need to weigh up the consequences of doing what you want.

9. I’m sorry: No we’re not. Sometimes, women would say I’m sorry just to get their way or get pout of a bad situation. Though, it is genuine sometimes.

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10. Go ahead: Do not think she is fine with your decision or she’s giving you permission. Most of the time, she is daring you. Don’t do it because she’ll pay back and it won’t be funny.

11. I hate you: She doesn't really hate you, it's just anger speaking.

This is not to say that’s what a woman means every time she uses these words. She could really mean what she is saying sometimes. There are some women who are as straight forward as men and they mean what they say.


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