Veteran Actor, Baba Wande Talks About Buhari And GEJ

Veteran Actor, Baba Wande Talks About Buhari And GEJ

Nollywood actor, Alhaji Kareem Adepoju popularly known as baba Wande is no doubt a prominent player in the Nigerian Yoruba Movie Industry.

The 'Ti Oluwa Nile’ star spoke with PlagroundTv about the last presidential election, the president-elect and president Goodluck Jonathan. Here are excerpts from the interview below:

What does the presidential election tell you about the future of Nigerian politics?

I have been voting in Nigeria for years, but I had never seen any that matched the last presidential election. The whole thing just came and went peacefully, at least to a great extent. Many people were expecting crises, but there was none. We give glory to God for allowing peace to reign in the country. If we continue our elections like this, it means the future of Nigerian politics is bright as it will cease to be a do-or-die affair.

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Were you able to vote?

Yes, I did. I voted at a polling unit in Owode, Osogbo – close to where I live. I couldn’t have disenfranchised myself by not performing my civic responsibility.

What advice do you have for the President-elect?

As we all know that General Muhammadu Buhari is a man of integrity and has discipline, he should get to work immediately and apply his experience to change the situation of things in Nigeria. All those that he promised he would do for us, he should deliver them without wasting time. And he should also select people that will help him achieve his goals and desires for the country. Also, he should continue being a man of integrity as we believe he will not disappoint us. I pray God will guide him to lead us well.

President Goodluck Jonathan is known to have shown support for the film industry in Nigeria. What do you expect from General Buhari?

Even though I have not seen any money they said President Jonathan gave us, yet Maj. General Buhari too should continue to support the film industry so that we can soar to greater heights. If you look at it very well, Nollywood is one of the most patronised in the world and it has generated lots of employment opportunities for many people. Buhari should also lend his support to us and grow it further than where President Jonathan is stopping.

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What counsel do you have for the new opposition – the Peoples Democratic Party?

President Jonathan has set a good example for them to follow. I like the way he just let it go without sponsoring some people to foment trouble. It shows how great a man he is and I respect him for that. Many were thinking prior to the election that if either of the major presidential candidates lost, there would be trouble and Nigeria would boil. But see how President Jonathan just doused the tension. Even those who would have taken up arms to defend him were surprised. So, now that the President has shown he is a peaceful man, the PDP too should allow peace to reign. It’s by peace that Nigeria can achieve its potential. Whatever part they want to play in this new dispensation, let them play it peacefully.

There’s no governorship election in Osun State this Saturday, so are you still going to vote?

The State of House Assembly election is equally important and not to be overlooked. Therefore, as a good Nigerian, I will vote again. I implore every other Nigerian to do that peacefully when Saturday comes.

The 2015 presidential campaign had involvement of stars on both of the side, the APC and the PDP. However, President Jonathan had much more celebrities involved in campaigning for him. We may recall such VIP events as#MeetThePresident event in Lagos, or, for example Show Biz interactive with Jonathan, also in Lagos.


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