'Gani Adams Challenges Fasheun To Name His Sponsors Or Cover His Face In Shame'

'Gani Adams Challenges Fasheun To Name His Sponsors Or Cover His Face In Shame'

Gani Adams, the leader of a faction of the Odua People's Congress (OPC), has described as a wolf in sheep’s skin the septuagenarian leader of the other faction, Mr. Fredrick Fasheun over the latter's controversial solidarity with recently acquitted Major Hamza Al-Mustapha.

The criticism is contained in a statement released by the organization and signed by the General Secretary, Mr. Tanimowo Babajide, and the Publicity Secretary, Akeem Ologunro

Referring to Fasheun’s threat to name Adam’s sponsors, he challenged Fasehun to come out and name them or cover his face in shame and keep quiet. “Unlike Fasheun, whose antecedents have proved beyond any doubt that he has always had a price tag that can be paid for anytime by the highest bidder, Otunba Gani Adams has remained consistent with the dream behind the formation of the OPC, which was to fight for the rights of the Yoruba race and the right for self-determination,” the statement said.

It noted that “the same people who are paying [Fasheun’s] bills” tried several times to enlist the support of Otunba Adams to support their cry for the release of their man, Al-Mustapha, but he rebuffed them on each occasion, remaining steadfast to upholding the Yoruba’s age-long logic of ‘Oruko rere san j’owo lo’.

Mr. Adams described Mr. Fasheun as a flip-flopper who has over time reneged on collective objectives and values to pursue personal political interests in the company of oppressors of the masses. In doing so, Adams said that Fasehun’s greed has manifested from the time of General Sanni Abacha, who callously attempted to elongate his stay in power.

The fraudulent scheme, according to Gani, attracted Fasehun who had fallen in with the military dictator, even though he also publicly claimed a stance again the gruesome murder of Mrs. Kudirat Abiola.

The statement further said that the OPC, which was said to have formed to collectively demand justice and restore the mandate of the June 12, 1993 presidential election to the winner, late Chief MKO Abiola, broke into factions from the greed of Mr. Fasehun which most members of the group felt was antithetical to the objective that created OPC.

The statement is reproduced below:

Source: Legit.ng

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