Abubakar Shekau Alive - Boko Haram Escapee

Abubakar Shekau Alive - Boko Haram Escapee

Hundreds of Boko Haram hostages have been reportedly relocated from Sambisa forest to Gwoza.

After having been kept for months in the infamous Boko Haram hideout, women and children were moved to the Borno state town.

A 38-year-old woman, who managed to escape from Gwoza and reach Maiduguri over the weekend, made another breaking claim to Daily Trust correspondent that Abubakar Shekau (or his impostor), the sect leader, lives in Gwoza. She said he presides over his people from there.

The woman, whose name is withheld over security reasons, disclosed that after Boko Haram offensive in Gwoza carried out last year, many people were trapped in the town.

Together with many other victims she became a "war hostage" after the group leader declared Islamic Caliphate in the town.

The mother of five was speaking in Hausa:

"I am from Gwoza and many women, including children who were also from Gwoza all stayed under the Boko Haram for some months before over 300 women most of whom are between the ages of 16 and 22 were relocated from Sambisa Forest and other locations.

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"The insurgents joined us with the girls and we were kept in various houses of famous people in Gwoza… I lived with some of them (girls) in one of the houses.

"We were kept under strict law as dictated by Shekau who moves from house to house, preaching. He says glad tidings await those that believe in Allah and observe the teachings of Islam."

Now the escapee lives in Maiduguri in the camp for the displaced people. She narrated how she had managed to run away from the captors:

"There was heavy blast near the house we were kept and the sound rattled everybody… I think it is a grenade of the insurgents; many people, including some of us scampered for safety.

"Two of the girls that were among those brought from Sambisa died from the blast and two others sustained injuries. Some of us that escaped trekked several kilometers through the bushes and later found ourselves in Madagali.

"The former governor of Adamawa state, Mr. Boni Haruna personally assisted me by calling my brother in Yola who went and picked me and thereafter brought me to Maiduguri."

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It is worth noting that Shekau's personality has been for months surrounded by controversy.

Despite the fact that the army claimed that the sect leader had been killed in Konduga, he continues reappearing in new videos and dismissing the information. It is not clear, however, who exactly appears in the footage: the real Shekau or his impersonator. Insinuations on this matter continue.

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