Charly Boy Says He Needs Help

Charly Boy Says He Needs Help

Controversial music veteran Charly Boy is on the verge of 'losing it'.

The musician, who looks like he is in need of words of relief, took to his Facebook page lamenting the unremarkable state of the Nation. He said that it might just make him crazy. He talked about the controversy surrounding his endorsement of Buhari. He said that on the preferred man for the job of president in Nigeria, he will rather sidon dey look. Here is the post below:

"Since the past two weeks my phone has been ringing off the hook. My associates and friends are shocked at what was purported as a Muhammadu Buhari’s endorsement by The Brand, Charly Boy. Haba, who dash them? Looking at the campaign so far, I am so pained and ashamed of how low we have sunk. It’s no more about the issues that threaten the future of our youths and our country but the obnoxious, petty, childish mudslinging of the parties trying to outdo themselves. Kai!

In the article that I personally posted on my Facebook, I talked about a benevolent dictator, one who would come and kick some ass of all the people responsible for our pitiful situation because quite frankly, we the followers are weak with fear and guilty of inaction. Even though I’m aware of Buhari’s antecedents, I don’t believe he can pull this off. Obviously I believe that age will lead him to compromise on many fronts and that’s not what is needed at this time, aside the fact that some wolves are in bed with him. Will he become the sheep?

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As for Goodluck, I know he is a jolly good fellow who really doesn’t want stress but has allowed himself to be surrounded by very funny characters who have no interest of the country at heart but their own bottomless pockets. Is Luck running out on him or this is another government magic in making? As for me Charly Boy, these are very miserable choices and for that reason for once in my life, out of deep frustration, I prefer to sit on the fence. It is called Sidon look.

I no go lie, I tire. Hoping that the favour of God will see us through all this. My heart goes out to the suffering masses and the youths of this country, who have no dreams to dream anymore, no leaders to follow and no values to aspire to. The youths of this country are dying in the quicksand of hopelessness and frustration. The few good people left are finding it extremely difficult to hang on to the values they grew up with that defined their character, because this is a country where honesty is looked at as stupidity and integrity, as being mumu-rized.

See how greed, selfishness and corruption have eaten up every sense of reason; every sense of responsibility. Many young people have been abandoned by fathers who are madly engaged in the losing battle of survival; many mothers have been pulled away from their natural hearts of compassion, family values and love in confusion. They wonder constantly, tempted by promises made by heartless and ruthless men drunk on blood money.

Oh God, who will bail the cat? This is all a bad dream; I wish I could wake up! OhhhhNaija! It is hard to imagine the level of deception and power drunkenness within our government and leadership. Round after round of unimaginable afflictions poured out on the people like vials from hell’s darkest parts. No compassion on the poor, suffering masses. Jesus!

Where we dey go? Untold poverty from the south to the north, through the east to the west, even in this poverty, we stand disunited, why? What proof do we still need to ask questions about our destination and to start to remedy the mistakes we have made through our insane greed, as we sing, clap and dance for those riffraff’s responsible for this iniquity? God go punish dem.

Kai! Naija, where nobody send anybody! Government chop alone, masses on their own.

My God, I need to wake up from this nightmare that has held me paralyzed in my dream!

What can take this pain away, what can sanitize our decayed minds, what can make it well for us again? Which way Naija?

Someone, please say something before I craze….

Charly boy, also called Area father, has been a man with plenty 'shades of controversies'. Just recently, he shared new photos on his Instagram page and he shared a new post on his Facebook page saying he is a lucifer.


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