Charly Boy Reveals Things About Himself

Charly Boy Reveals Things About Himself

Controversial Nigerian entertainer, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy said he is still enjoying his marriage of 37-years, though it is not easy.

Speaking on Wednesday at a rotary club of Asokoro District 9125 meeting held at Chelsea Hotel, Wuse 2, Abuja, he said his marriage has been both a blessing and a lesson for others to learn, AIT Online reports.

"Marriage management requires tolerance, patience and endurance because it is very difficult to find a perfect partner for marriage.

“When a married partner sees the other as a subject or subordinate, then there is bound to be misunderstanding,” he said.

Charly Boy pointed out that, contrary to the perception of many persons in the society, he doesn’t smoke and drink and he no longer abuses his body.

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I don’t abuse my body anymore; I don’t do casual sex, I have quit smoking, alcohol but I do a lot of exercise.

“I am 63 years old and have nine children and 14 grandchildren,” he stressed.

He explained that ‘Charly Boy’ is different from Charles Oputa.

Differentiating between the two, he said: “Charlie Boy does not come to my house, he doesn’t live with me. It is just a character.”

He further noted that his practice of Buddhism has helped him have peace of mind and contentment in life.

"I am a spiritual person and that is what made me stay grounded as a father and a husband. Through Buddhism, I have learnt to be contented,” Charly Boy said.

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The area father added that he comes from a family with a history of long life, as his grandfather lived to 120 years, his father died at the age of 97 and that his mother is 94 years old and still alive.

He also advised parents not to force their children into anything they don’t want to do, but to allow them be who they want to be.

Charly Boy said: "God has given everybody something; you have to look for it. I am an advocate of allowing children to grow the way they want but with guidance so they do not lose track of what they want to be.

"I always want to do what I think it’s right and also add value to my environment.”



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