Tinubu Versus Patience Jonathan's Bags Of Rice (Photos)

Tinubu Versus Patience Jonathan's Bags Of Rice (Photos)

It is not a new thing in Nigeria for politicians to tip the masses while trying to get them to vote for them.

Like someone said, it is a strategy that works really well for Nigerians. Most politicians while campaigning votes go about with branded consumables, giving them out in large amount to Nigerians who most times are happy to collect it not minding whether it is a form of selling one's vote or not. While some Nigerians see it as a total ridicule on Nigerians and a distasteful way of pointing out that the masses are poverty-stricken or/and hungry, some are of the opinion that that is the only way they can gain something worthwhile from these politicians seeking for posts. They also believe this is the only way to exploit the supposed goodwill of these politicians as there will not be any access to them again once they get voted into power.

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Call it stomach infrastructure like the Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, it seems it has overtime worked for our Nigerian politicians , hence the recurrence of the phenomenal trend in the political terrain of Nigeria. Ekiti people during the 2014 gubernatorial election were given bags of rice, yam, chicken, palm oil and other various things all to stimulate and earn their votes....it actually worked!

Without much ado, here are new bags of the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party branded rice which just hit town. The APC rice shows the beautiful wife of Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Oluremi, soliciting for votes to be re-elected into the house as a senator while the PDP rice shows President Jonathan's beautiful wife, Patience, with her photos on the bags of rice tagged 'mama p rice'. See the photo below:

Recall that not long ago Governor Ayo Fayose made it known that he introduced the 'stomach infrastructure' not for any personal reason but to make people happy.

Do you think giving out food items to people during election is a way of selling one's votes or otherwise?

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