Egypt Crisis: 35 Pro-Morsi Demonstrators Feared Dead

Egypt Crisis: 35 Pro-Morsi Demonstrators Feared Dead

At least 35 supporters of the deposed Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, were killed on Monday morning by live ammunitions allegedly fired by the Egyptian security forces, Aljazeera reports.

The deceased include 5 children including a 6-month old, doctors at a makeshift hospital told Aljazeera. Hundreds of others were injured in the shootings.

Protesters said military and police forces fired at the protesters while they were having their early morning prayers in Nasr city near Cairo.

Millions of pro-Morsi protesters across Egypt are demanding his release from detention and his reinstatement.The president was removed by a military coup last week after millions of people protested against his government in Tahir square.

Egypt has already been suspended from the African Union after the coup.Also, the Salafist Al-Noor party, the second largest in Egypt after President Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, has announced a pull-out from the current interim government.

The party, which came second in parliamentary elections last year, likened the current interim government to the Mubarak era, and has called for the ouster of the interim government.

The Muslim Brotherhood says its supporters will go on with the peaceful protest despite the killings, while the military has said the killings were done by terrorists and that a soldier was killed.


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