ISIS Beheads Man Over Witchcraft Accusations

ISIS Beheads Man Over Witchcraft Accusations

Graphic photos on Daily Mail have shown the Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria publicly beheading a man for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

This Public execution adds to the latest in a long line of barbaric executions carried out by the terror group.

The unknown man was photographed being killed by a masked executioner in a village just outside ISIS' stronghold and de facto capital Raqqa while a large crowd looked on.

Precise details of the victim's so-called crime are not known, but the charge of witchcraft and 'invoking magic', and the use of an axe and wooden chopping block to carry out the beheading do little to counter claims that ISIS are little more than murderers with a Dark Age view of the world.

Find out more details and pictures on the public executions by ISIS on Daily Mail


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