Governor Jang Says Buhairi's Past Will Haunt Him

Governor Jang Says Buhairi's Past Will Haunt Him

Plateau State Governor, Jonah David Jang, is sure that the past of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), will not be forgotten.

The politician made claim January 28 while speaking during the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rally in Ladi.

According to Jang, Buhari has committed a lot of atrocities against politicians while acting as a military Head of State, which acts would be recalled during the February elections, ThisDay reports.

The governor noted that Buhari allowed the military "to get into his head" adding that he was going about jailing the innocent.

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He was quoted as saying:

"Buhari humiliated politicians as Head of  State, I was in the military with him, and those in the military then (including me) know him very well.

"If I were him, I would bow out of the presidential race. The things Buhari did to politicians in the past would haunt him in the present and future.

"Buhari allowed the military to get into his head; he was going about jailing innocent citizens and politicians. And he is still saying he would renovate Kirikiri prisons, for who?

"Now that he is a politician, he should go and taste the prisons in the same manner he sent other politicians to jail while he was a military Head of State.

"Our President, Jonathan, is a true democrat and the people of Plateau do not have any problem with him, we will come out and vote massively for him on February 14."

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Thus, he assured the PDP candidate, Goodluck Jonathan ,of his state's support to him and the ruling party.

It is not the first time Jang has expressed his opinion about Buhari's candidacy. Earlier this week he also said that the APC candidate should "surrender".

Many refer to Buhari's past and his way of ruling as the negative factor that might affect the elections' outcome.

The former Nigerian minister Femi Fani-Kayode lamented in this recent speech:

"A man who said, only last year, that ”an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north”? A man who said, in 2001, that he wants to ”spread sharia throughout the federation”? A man who said, in 2001, that muslims should only vote for muslims”? A man who said, in 2001, that ”why should christians be concerned when muslims cut off their limbs under sharia”?. A man who said, in 2001, that ”after all the limbs that are being cut off are muslim ones and not christian so why should the christians bother about it”?

This is the man that some Nigerians are clamouring for to be their President? May God open their eyes and protect them from themselves. May He grant them wisdom and discernment."

The ex Head of State however insists that his key point for democracy came in 1991 after the former Soviet Union split into more than a dozen countries.

The politician advocates for change and for the freedom of choice saying that the concept of democracy is "greater than the interests of individuals in a free and functional political system".


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