Police Officer’s Wife In Trouble For Maltreating Maid

Police Officer’s Wife In Trouble For Maltreating Maid

A police officer’s wife, Chioma Egbes, who has allegedly been in the habit of beating up a 10-year- old house maid, Miracle Ndubisi, got what she did not bargain for when a good Samaritan reported her to the police.

Mrs. Egbes brought the housemaid from her village, Owerri,  to Lagos in December, last year. The good Samaritan, Ola Babafemi, who is based in Canada came to visit his friend, Adebisi Oke at Ikotun area of Lagos on Easter Monday when he saw the badly battered girl in a super market.

Crime Alert gathered that the good Samaritan and his friend were at home relaxing on the fateful day when they decided to go and buy a shaving stick from a near by super market. They reportedly saw the  little girl who came to buy malt for her madam and on seeing the injuries on her face and body, decided to inquire the cause only for them to be told that it was inflicted on her by the woman she lives with.  

Shocked, especially, by the deep cuts on her eyebrow, the two friends decided to confront the woman that inflicted such injuries on a little girl.

It was learnt that on getting to their house, they asked the woman why she inflicted such deep cuts on the little girl but she told them that it was because the girl excreted on her body.  She also denied inflicting the injuries on her claiming that she came from Owerri with it.

She could not however, explain why the injuries were still very fresh.  The Canadian based occupational health and safety worker and his friend reportedly succeeded in taking both the woman and the house girl to a nearby hospital after which they sneaked out on the pretext of going to see a mechanic but ended up reporting the case to the police. 

While lodging the report, they were also informed that the woman had been reported several times as a troublesome person.

The resident doctor at the Manifel Medical Center, Abaranje, Ikotun, Sebastine Okoro told Crime Alert that the girl was brought in  under a severe condition that they had to put her on three days intensive drip to revive her  adding that the hospital has also been feeding her since she was brought to the hospital.  He also alleged that the woman she lives with wanted to take her to another hospital but they refused.

The father of the wounded girl, Vitalis Ndubisi, who came to Lagos immediately he heard of the incident told Crime Alert that his daughter  always calls him but she never told him about  the maltreatment she was receiving  until when the good Samaritan that took her to the hospital called to inform him of her predicament.

He said he didn’t want to release his daughter to Chioma initially but after much pleading and promises that she was going to take care of the girl and send her to school, he released her.  

The father further disclosed that they were not related to Mrs. Chioma Egbes but he gave her his daughter just because his wife is from their village and her mother in law convinced him to give the girl to Chioma regretting that just barely three months after, his daughter was made to go through hell.

Narrating her plight, the victim who was visibly shaken told Crime Alert that she was in primary four before she came to Lagos but she has not attended any school since then.  She said it was because she had not swept the stair case that morning, that was why her aunty was beating her and in the process, she excreted on her body and the aunty increased the beating by using wire and a large metal spoon to beat her, which gave her all the injuries on her body. She added that the woman has been beating her before now.

When Crime Alert visited their residence at Number 9, Hassan Olawale street, Ikotun, the landlord of the house, Mr Oladele Omoleye alleged that the woman is a troublesome person that  has even, on one occasion, locked his wife and a co- tenant up in her shop.  He disclosed that  the woman and her husband, who attends Synagogue church of all nations, were brought by his agent in 2010 and since they came in,  they have been causing  problems for them in the area.

According to him, “the last time she paid NEPA bill was last year June and she even orders some of the tenants not to pay. After the incident with my wife, I gave them quit notice which expired on February 18 this year, they refused to go, they said nobody can send them out.

There was a time I wrote a petition against her and nothing was done about it because they have somebody that is backing them up. We never heard the little girl cry for once since she came,  may be she ties the girl’s mouth when ever she is beating her up. 

I cannot leave my house for a tenant,  it is my tenant that will leave so that peace will return back to the house again because since  they came into this house, we have never had peace,”he stated.

Source: Legit.ng

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