How to watch deleted YouTube videos: top 3 methods

How to watch deleted YouTube videos: top 3 methods

“How to watch deleted YouTube videos?” is an important question that may arise due to various reasons. If you are facing an issue of a removed media on YouTube, there is still a good chance you can enjoy it after following our easy pieces of advice and recommendations.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos
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Nowadays, no data disappear without leaving a trace. This trace can be tracked pretty easily if you know where to look for it. We are here to teach you this handy art of recovering removed YouTube media.

Do not panic: we know how to watch deleted YouTube videos

Probably, everyone had such situation when you roam through the video-sharing website, see a video you would love to watch, but you are short of time at the moment. You press “Watch later” button and are off to attend to your business. Later, you remember to watch the saved media and open YouTube; however, the file is removed, as you are kindly informed by the web site’s service.

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Well, there is no need to cry, get angry, or panic; everything can still be saved. We know three ways you could try to deal with the acute question of “How to see deleted YouTube videos?”

How to watch removed YouTube videos

If you remember the title of the video you planned to watch, you can deal with the problem fairly easily:

  1. Go to YouTube.
  2. Enter the title of the media in the search field of the web site, press Enter or click on the Search button (magnifying glass).
  3. Look through the search results and find the file you were looking for.

The removed file may appear in this search result. Also, there is a chance that the file had copies on the video-sharing website that were uploaded by other users. Popular and viral media usually have tons of replicas on the website.

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How to find deleted YouTube videos

If the first method did not produce any results, you still have chances to enjoy the removed video. Having the title of the media, you can search for it using search engines of your choosing (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). YouTube is probably the largest video hosting web site; however, there may be other sites that still have your desired media file.

Deleted YouTube videos archive: an easy way to get access to a deleted video

How to watch removed YouTube videos
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The last method of overcoming the issue of “How to view deleted YouTube videos?” is using a specialized archive web service. For this method, however, you should have the link for the deleted video.

  1. Go to Internet Archive and find a WayBack Machine there.
  2. Enter your video URL in the search field of the WayBack Machine and press Enter.
  3. Find the media you are searching for in the calendar presented after the search is done.
  4. Click on one of the dates the media file was registered with.
  5. Enjoy the content.

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Thus, the question “How to watch deleted YouTube videos?” will no longer give you headaches. If you use our methods of searching for the removed media, you can enjoy even the deleted data. Stay with us and get more handy tips for your daily life.

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