Gunmen Kill Nine in Fresh Attack …as Truck Crushes Four Beggars

Gunmen Kill Nine in Fresh Attack …as Truck Crushes Four Beggars

Nine more

people have been killed by gunmen in an attack on Ratas village of Barkin Ladi

Local Government Area of Plateau State, just as four beggars were Friday

crushed to death near the Jos Central Mosque when a truck driver lost control

and ran over them where they were seated begging for arms.

happened at about 4.30 pm.

The incident

at Ratas is alleged to have been carried out by the same gun men who

killed about 20 people in two villages of Bokkos Local Government area a few

days ago.

The killing

believed to have capitalized on the massive deployment of members of the

Special Task Force (STF) from their posts in the area to Bokkos LGA to attack

the village.

They were

Management Committee of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area Mr. Emmanuel Loman

who attended the mass burial of those killed confirmed the attack.


attackers fleeing from Bokkos LGA following the massive deployment of troops to

the area attacked the village as they were escaping and raised an alarm that

the movement of the suspected Fulani militia had also been noticed around

Gashish in the LGA.

He said the

warned that they could unleash terror on the people of the area unless

something was done urgently to repel them.


the Ratas killings, acting spokesman of the STF Navy Lt. Jude Akpa said the

force responded promptly on hearing the report of the attack but the gunmen had

fled before they arrived there.

Also confirming

members of the STF took those injured to hospital for treatment on arrival at

the village.

He said


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